From this Mother to her Daughter.


Newborn photoshoot at only 7 days old thanks to Dee at Mini Munchkins in Perth

Newborn photoshoot at only 7 days old thanks to Dee at Mini Munchkins in Perth

You came into my arms 11 days late. We only discovered you were breech, during labour, when you’d actually been sitting pretty that way for a fair few months. Any sort of plan I may have had, was then thrown out the window. But the point is, through the mad dash to then get you out surgically, youmyloves came – you made it! Our first year together has had its ups and downs, but all in all, it has been a success. Holding you for the first time, marvelling at you, I didn’t know what I was in for. The early mornings and non-existent sleep ins, the mess, the smells,  the saggy boobs, and then there is the undying love that I have for you, which will only grow stronger as the years go on. In these first short 12 months, you, your father and I have become a lovely little family that I will forever treasure, but please, if you have it in you, don’t let the next 12 months go by so quick.

IMG_0590You were an adorable small and fragile 3.5kgs not so long ago, but it’s hard to believe that now you’re standing tall at nearly 10kgs. I have to keep your photo album out to serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Right from the first night home, you were comforted with our love and warmth and had a solid five hours sleep. I remember commenting how much you slept when I just wanted to play and stare into your dark brown inquisitive eyes. Now, I definitely get plenty of time for that. Right from the beginning you have been such a curious little princess, making sure you soak up every piece of information before cautiously investigating.


You showed interest in a spoon as early as 4 months and we let you indulge in your first tastes – pumpkin purée! You didn’t seem to find it so bad. You expressed the taste with a few interesting facials, to say the least and seemed enjoy playing with it too. Much hasn’t changed 12 months on! You did manage to get my sweet tooth, with watermelon and yoghurt being a favourite, however I am pretty strict on making sure you get a healthy balanced diet, and that you always eat your greens!

LensbdayFast forward to 8 months and everything happened. Your first lot of teeth popped through and you learnt to crawl. You started to find mischief and I’m so sorry for the amount of times you were, and still are, told ‘No’! But I am just doing my best to keep you safe in our small little unit. You also learnt to clap and then a bit later on wave bye-bye to Daddy in the mornings as he left forperryswingscolour work. By now it was clear, that you were in fact intolerant to cows milk. As you’ve been a total booby girl and wouldn’t even look twice at formula, this meant my diet was also restricted. The chocolate companies will be wondering why they aren’t making as much profit this year! You are my priority though and I will always make sacrifices for you.

outsidebwReaching 12 months and you had taken 3 steps on your own! You have the cheekiest smile where you scrunch up your nose, show your teeth, and breathe in and out real fast. You are most ticklish under your chin and your fits of laughter keep me sane when we have our rough days. You love to go outside and just dig in the sand or the dirt, and that water table was one of the best purchases I made. It also won’t surprise me if we end up with a swing in our backyard one day; you love to relax on the swing.watertablewatermark You’ve learnt to lean in and give Daddy open mouthed kisses before bed (we’re still working on my ones) and you can very clearly say Mum and Dada, and know who you are talking about. The words ‘bye’ and ‘no’ are also being recited, as your vocabulary starts to build in that ever active brain of yours.

halloweenAs I write this two weeks after your first birthday, you’re getting more and more confident walking on your own every day. It won’t be long until you’re running I’m sure. We’re currently on holiday in New Zealand visiting our family and my cat Tui has been a great influence on those footsteps too. You’re so intrigued and excited by her, it’s amazing the tolerance she has for you. When the time and space is right you will have your own fluff-ball of a pet to love and care for, I promise.

Thanks to my friend Jackie for this photo of my beautiful one year old and I.

Perry, you are a ray of light that has lit up my world. I hope you continue to shine bright over your lifetime and keep charming everyone with your gorgeous looks and dazzling smile. I’ll always support you. I’ll forever love you. I’ll protect you and keep you safe from harm.

Love you to the moon and back,
                                  MUMMY xxx


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