One of those weeks.

Today I’m in a rut; I’ve been in one all weekend I think. Is it lack of caffeine or am I starting to feel the effects of boredom or do I just need to move my ‘A’ double ‘S’ into gear?! Considering I used to be an absolute gym bunny {I even obtained my personal training certificate quite a few years ago now} and I’ve done absolutely nothing for the last 2 months, I think it’s fair to say this could be part of the cause… it would solve two out of the three suggestions mentioned above. It would greatly increase my energy levels and before I know it I’ll be cringing again if I miss a session. But why can’t I just move my butt and do it already?! Why didn’t anyone tell me how difficult it is to work out with a child in tow? {not that it would’ve stopped me from having one} And to think I want to throw more of them into the mix – Sheesh, I’ll be huge by the end of it all if I don’t find some routine again soon. However, motivation to get to the gym is not coming my way when the fees are fairly overdue too! To add to that; the last time I tried keeping my attendance levels high, Perry would just cry the entire time if she was left in the creche, which limited my workouts to only half an hour. I mean I know she has come a long way in the last 3 months – but it’s still putting me off! And then when I do make down there, I have to start all the way at the beginning again; regain all the muscle mass that has just melted away! Oh the dramas, my mind is so persuasive to stay unfit in this lethargic state.
It did also cross my mind, maybe this is a sign I should be going back to work. But what would I do? Obviously I’m not on the fitness buzz so working in a gym probably wouldn’t be my go-to. I would really love to get into photography more, but I can’t call myself a professional photographer at this stage, so that rules out most of the jobs online. I’m not much of a salesman {although I’m not going to rule that one out}, and haven’t had any experience in a photo lab. How do you gain experience if no one wants inexperienced staff? And then I could only work one day a week anyway on the weekend because we don’t have anyone to look after Perry. More dilemmas!
To top it off, the photos in this post probably reflect the way I’ve been feeling, in that they are not great, they are just photos, where creativity or the light is lacking. They are all taken from my phone, and lack the quality I desire for this photography challenge. But here goes nothing:

January is now over… here’s to a new month and hopefully regaining some enthusiasm! It definitely does help when my instagram feed is continuously full of awesome photos for inspiration. I follow a lot of creative people, so much so – I’m double tapping almost every photo I scroll through today and hence my favourite photo of this lot is leaning more towards today’s one for sure!


DAY 30 | 365

playground, spiderweb, childhood, ropes, primary colours

Another afternoon down to the playground. One that’s just down the road from us this time. Since our holiday, they have done it up. Lots of bright colours, an interesting build – crammed a fair bit into a small space without making it difficult to manoeuvre. The spiderweb caught my eye with the red on blue, although I think Perry’s a fair way yet from attempting to climb it.


DAY 31 | 365

breakfast, saturday morning, jam on toast, coffee

Saturday Morning – Jam on toast with a side of two coffees. I would’ve really loved a perfect lifestyle image for this prompt, all sitting down and eating breakfast, but that’s just not how we roll at the moment, and our crammed little unit wouldn’t do any photo {camera or phone}, any justice, and the weekend consisted of absolutely no outings.


DAY 32 | 365

coffee, wallet, childrens things, objects, writing, project 365

On my Table – It’s been super hard to keep the place clean. It’s like as soon as you put something away, Perry has gone and pulled 10 things out. And then they all just get chucked on the table where she currently can’t reach!


DAY 33 | 365

father and daughter, blueberries, sharing

Hands – “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other give with”
-Billy Graham


Snap ya Later _[o]_



5 thoughts on “One of those weeks.

  1. I hear you! So hard to find the time to exercise with a baby, I’ve been so bad since she was born, I usually just do pilates and the elliptical at home, but it seems as soon as I start I have a child climbing on me. I love the playground photo, the colours are beautiful, at first glance I thought is was something nautical. Love the blueberries too, beautiful editing.

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  2. We recently moved and my running shoes are still somewhere in a movingbox… Love the first photo. I agree it looks like it’s something nautical, the colors are so vibrant!


    • Thankyou. I do quite like how vibrant the colours came up too, especially because I usually tend to lean more towards, darker, under saturated images! As much as I try to create the white light crisp images – it doesn’t come as naturally.


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