The Black Shiny Box.

Trapped in front of this bloody TV and I’m left with not much to say! Summary: A family gets put into witness protection and has to change everything they knew – names, jobs, lifestyle, and they’re forced to lose contact with their loved ones.
I don’t have everyday contact with my friends and family, especially being in a different country from most of them, but that’s just how I roll; I’m pretty good at just hanging out by myself, but if I were to be forced to not say goodbye and to indefinitely never have contact again, I think I’d probably lose it! I don’t think I could cope. Lennon thinks it’s just another crap Aussie drama, but I can’t peel my eyes away very easily and I wouldn’t say I’m a big TV addict either.
Perry on the other hand; as long as there’s music on the TV, she would climb inside the box if such thing was possible! She’s so funny. Loves to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, but just the beginning and the end, when the tune is playing. In between {while the actual program is playing} she’ll go off and play and as soon as she hears the tune playing again, she’ll run back to watch and have a dance, each time hoping she’ll be able to get a little bit closer than the time before.


DAY  34 | 365

sleep, daughter, napping, quiet time

Starts with P – this was an easy prompt of course: My darling Perry. Making the most of when she sleeps now. Of course dropping the phone on her while taking the photo probably isn’t the best way to do this! Luckily she was well and truly out to it! We’re currently transitioning from two day naps down to one. She’s also been waking during the night a lot lately due to the heat, which is making for one tired Mumma who isn’t ready for only one nap!


DAY 35 | 365

fisher price, childhood, memories, daughter

Pink – Perry just looks so stunning in this bright colour. Taking a stroll just across the road for a stint of fresh air and pushing her fast on her little car for some ‘light’ exercise – I’m left puffed by the end of the path =/ She has learnt to push her self forward although it is at a pretty slow pace. She also loves the catchy tunes that play along.


DAY 36 | 365

food photography, baking, cooking

Got my hands to work this afternoon, trying out a new recipe from Chelsea Winter’s new book, with intentions to help out a friend who has her hands nice and full at the moment with a new arrival to her already family of three . This is the Energy Slice. Tastes pretty damn good and full of healthy goodness, just need it to set a bit better yet.


Thanks for having a gander! Going strong, until Monday night,

Snap ya Later _[o]_


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