Get; Stay; Be.

Get: Organised! I’ve stumbled across a mantra I guess you call it, to keep me going at the moment: Get organised; Stay organised; Be organised. Things had been going pretty good, until Friday came and hit me in the face, and I realised i was plateauing. The place was a pig-sty again, no inspiration to get up and go – to take photos {although I have not missed a day}, and I was floating in my mindless thoughts. Take action; That’s it! I need to be my own motivation. JFDI [google can help you out here if your unsure] is one of Michelle Bridges famous quotes – and the best part is, this can apply to everything, not just the fitness world. Just get up and do it! Once I’m up and organised, it’s easier to stay that way. I want to be the one who ‘they’ speak of in a way: “I don’t understand how she can BE so organised, where does she find the time!” Maybe not quite that hard out, but you get my drift.

Stay: 6 more months. Hopes of moving out of this unit in April seem to be diminishing as the lease draws to another end. We had hopes of somewhere a tad more luxurious, sooner rather than later, however as each night falls, another closer to the day, I’ve realised we are not equipped. Chances that we’ll find a place on the exact day our lease expires in this place are pretty slim – something that I had not considered – and then if we do try to do this, we either risk being out of home, on the streets, with no family to save us for a few nights or we lower our limits and end up in a similar place or even somewhere worse. Just simply hadn’t factored in paying double rent for a few weeks!

Be: the Mother. Mother my child: Care for my child, set rules for my child, explore with my child and love my child. We’ve had a bit of a rough week or so here, with darling Daughter. She’s was given a pushing hand to the face by a slighter older boy at the park during the weekend. Once she sort of realised what had happened, the shock travelled up through her bum, confused her and she frantically searched around for her comfort. Her face literally turned from a calm inquisitive one, into one of heartache; it was the saddest thing I’ve seen from her yet. Tears lined her face and she really hugged me, burying her face into my chest. It was a precious moment for me. However, kids will be kids, and the sad truth is, that this is how we, as the human race, learn.
And then there’s disease. It started with a cough, then a bout of gastro, cough still persisting, rash appearing – unsure if it’s heat rash, eczema re-presenting itself, or another viral infection. Either way it’s creating a frustrating itch which seems to be slowly spreading. To top it all off, last night delivered a night of anguish for all parties, between being to hot, to cold, thirsty, and awake and possibly teething, I didn’t know how to mother this upset child! After a dose of panadol, a dose of neurofen and a few hours of tears, I did it though! I successfully mothered her to sleep {Be it 1AM}. Enough said, a doctors trip is in order – of course I chose Perry’s doctor to be one of the best and you have to book a few days in advance! Thankfully, throughout all this, she has managed to keep upbeat and chatty during the days!

DAY 37 | 365

food, seasoning,

Chelsea Winter’s cookbook has continued to open its pages, nourishing our taste buds. Each recipe is filled with reminders to season. Plenty of salt and pepper, ensuring a scrumptious meal.


DAY 38|365

Greenstone, pounamu, new zealand, necklace,

Accessory – Those who know me will know I’m not big on jewellery or any accessory to my outfit really. Don’t get me wrong, I love heaps of it and I do have a few bits that I pull out from time to time – but I’m just to practical {even though having a handbag would probably be more practical than to be without} and I don’t go out enough to showcase it either. However, I do love the greenstone. Simple, not showy, but adds to an outfit with ease – oh and reminds me of home!


DAY 39 | 365

children's toy, clown face,

Got to the end of the night after a busy day cleaning and was left pictureless. What can you take a semi-quality photo of, at night, with a camera phone? Children’s toys of course. After rummaging through every musical toy we own, I found 4 AAA batteries to fit in the LED torch to help create this image of the clown head.


DAY 40 | 365


Writing – Need I say more?


Hope you’re all having a fab week!

Snap ya Later _[o]_


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