Looks Like A Productive Past 3 Days.

Pulled out all the stops today, and got my bake on! Well sort of, not really.. I baked 21 blueberry muffins, 5 of which have already been devoured! As it turned out, I had all the necessary ingredients, which was a rare feat for this household. That was my productive buzz for the day while the lil Perr-Meister had her massive 3 and a bit hour sleep! Made up for the lack-of, last night. With all this productivity, I’m considering, as of tonight if there’s any paper rounds up for grabs in the area – how can I resist, with their motivating catch phrase: get paid to walk! Who wouldn’t want that, sounds easy as right, and it’d be great to have the option for a night out once a month ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or am I forgetting about the hills I am surrounded by and the heat that the sun produces in this desert state?? But I did get out of the house for a 70min walk in the suns peak hour on Tuesday, and I survived, so maybe there is hope…


DAY 41 | 365

street art, perth, painting, chairs

Did a massive walk just to entertain my child at the water park today, we both had a lot of fun and along the way noticed these funky metal chairs bolted to the ground. I think they were more for display, than to actually be used as a seat.


DAY 42 | 365

Valentine, Roses, flowers, February

Pattern – Getting into the spirit of February. Stole a few decent roses from across the road to try my luck at pressing a few petals. Also have a couple hanging upside down to see how they dry out whole.


DAY 43 | 365

muffins, blueberries, home cooking, baking

I just loved the smell of these blueberry muffins wafting through the house as the were cooking. And adding a touch of cinnamon to the recipe was the best thing I could’ve done to them. I love cinnamon, just as much as blueberries.


Snap ya Later _[o]_


6 thoughts on “Looks Like A Productive Past 3 Days.

    • OH MY GOSH! I’m seriously daft! I didn’t even think it was possible to reach -40oC! but i just googled and apparently the poles can reach 153Celsius according to NASA. I think the lowest temp i’ve seen on the news may be like -10 haha. Hope you’re all well and truly rugged up then! We’ve been sitting pretty between 95F and 104F lately.


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