Gotta Love, Love.

Nothing special has really ever happened for us on Valentines Day. I mean in the past maybe we would’ve tried to go to a last minute movie or something, but now that isn’t really possible with Perry around. But I have to say this year was definitely better than last year! The difference?? Every man and his dog seemed to be spoiling their loved ones and then getting a huge shout out all over social media last year, and this year, well, seems like they thought last year was going to make up for the next 5 years running, and as I’m becoming so addicted to instagram at the moment with this 365 challenge; this made my weekend! The fact that a lot of the prompts were all associated with the spirit of Love, I knew I was going to have to make it look like I too gave a damn about big ol’ V-Day, and might I say, I’m pretty pleased of my pic on Feb 14th. I treated myself so well =P I do love Love, and I love the special feeling; I love romance and I love romantic ideas, but why does all this have to be crammed into one day? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to reject a rose on valentines day if I ever got one, but instead spoil me on any other day of the year, where it’s full of sincerity and not felt obligatory.


DAY 44 | 365

lockinthelove, heart foundation, australia

Across all states in Australia the heart foundation has come together to create such an attractive campaign. There’s a massive sculpture I guess you could call it, of letters spelling out the word LOVE with a heart at the end. The idea is to purchase a heart and lock for $10 {that’s your donation}, write your message and attach it to the fence-like structure. It’s called Lock in the Love. I was to poor to participate in this fundraiser, however, it seems as if there is plenty of others out there who’ve been having a great time helping out and filling up gaps! If you want to read more about what it’s all about, check it out here: #lockinthelove


DAY 45 | 365

Valentines breakfast, chelsea winter, cookbook, flowers, food

Fresh flowers to brighten my valentines day, of which were handpicked by my valentine upon my request. They were the perfect floral arrangement for my delicious corn fritters and bacon which were supposes to be breakfast, however I wouldn’t call 12pm breakfast, would you? I need a bigger fry pan…


DAY 46 | 365

Red Rose, valentines, Photomacrography,

The prompt macro was a pretty lame one for me.. without a proper camera it was just a tad depressing. I turned the macro feature on on my phone and this was the best I got. Looks cool, but I would’ve liked to experiment so much more with this prompt. Kept to the theme of valentines day, since this rose seemed to be drinking up the water and flowering its beauty.


DAY 47 | 365

Mother and daughter, snack, lifestyle photography, black and white

She might be happy, sad, sick, healthy, charming or naughty, but this little girl knows how to make me smile –! She makes me so happy and I’m so proud that I get to be her Mummy!


That’s a wrap folks, nice, early and organised today! Means I get to sit down and maybe even sneak a schnuggle with the man infront of the tv tonight, now that all things photography are complete for the day =D

Snap ya Later _[o]_


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