I’m gonna run the race.

New motivation burst through me over the last couple of days. I will be living my fourth year in Australia come July 31, and that also means it’ll be the fourth opportunity I have to register for the WA City to Surf 12km run. Each year something has stopped me: year1 – I was unaware of it and hadn’t been training, only found out to late; year2 – I was pregnant by 6months and exercise had pretty much gone downhill by that stage; year3 – Remembered about it to little to late, plus I had big issues every time I attempted to train hard whilst breastfeeding. Well here we are at year4 and this is my excuse to start pounding the pavements again! And I’m totally stoked; I also have friends who are willing to train up with me – totally did not expect that – thanks guys, its gonna be good! So, what’s the first thing a motivated, ready to run woman should do… why cancel her gym membership of course, haha 😱 No seriously I haven’t used the thing in months, and running on a treadmill in an air conditioned gym is not going to help with conditioning my body to the exhausting heat of Perth – Even though the weather should be cooler come late August, I want to have every advantage possible. I’m gonna give this a good go! Back in 2011 I completed the Auckland half marathon and then a few months later gave another 21km a go, but more to the style of trail running, so I know the training that is involved and I’m only aiming to complete half of that which I have previously done, so I’m ready to smash it! Although, I must admit I’m not looking forward to that first run. To complement this I’d love if anyone knows of any good you tube channels where I can watch and follow along in a stretching/yoga type session since I won’t have the ability to attend a body balance class anymore, just leave me a comment below πŸƒ 🏁 I will be posting my training progress on instagram using the official hashtag #mycitytosurf, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰


DAY 48 | 365

healthy, smoothie, lifestyle

My poor lil munchkin was diagnosed with tonsillitis today, and then later on came out with hives. She’s just not having a good run lately and it is starting to show. Luckily I managed to get a smile out of her enjoying a banana, blueberry and quinoa smoothie as an afternoon snack, before she shoved the straw to far down her throat! =/


DAY 49 | 365

summer fruit, healthy, love

Hidden. I couldn’t get my head around this prompt. If something was hidden then how where you supposed to see it; if you couldn’t see it then how could you photograph it? I bought a watermelon this arvo, not the best, but oh so juicy! And look what I created. A love heart – perfectly camouflaged, conveniently hidden =P


DAY 50 | 365

Childsplay, childhood,

One – Got the chalk out this afternoon after a FOUR HOUR snooze from this little one! I love having a child who wakes up happy; I dunno who had more fun, me or her!


Snap ya Later _[o]_



8 thoughts on “I’m gonna run the race.

  1. Good luck with the run! I use to run, but only even did a 5k. So not in shape to do it anymore, I had issues with exercising and breastfeeding too, my supply would decrease drastically. What was the prompt for day 48?
    Love all three photos, the watermelon was clever I really like it and the chalk one is just awesome, probably my favourite. You’re going to have to retake some of these photos when you get a proper camera!

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    • Day 48 was dessert.. We aren’t a big dessert family here, just to lazy really and this was before her dinner so technically not dessert, but still something sweet to help cheer her up!
      Oh god I know – this no camera thing sucks! But I’ve done a month pretty much now all on my phone! I’ve decided on the more expensive camera which is why its taking so long to get money for it, I’m just really hoping it won’t take longer than another month!
      The watermelon one was really hard! I almost didn’t have a photo and then I got it and then I worked out how the prompt word fitted into it lol


  2. I love the watermelon photo!! Love the perspective on the chalk photo.
    Also, good luck on the run! I wish I was a better runner – I think I can run maybe 1km without stopping lol. I just have terrible hips. (I’m also an over pronator so my ankles give out after 1km.)

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    • Thanks 😊 the chalk one is a great memory for our fun afternoon that day, so I love it the best too. I’ve done my ankle hundreds of times.. I’m just hoping it won’t happen anytime in these next coming months!


    • Thank you! It means a lot that people are finding my photos with my phone enjoyable as I’m so picky with them and have a hard time liking some of them myself with the amount of grain they can produce and then not being able to alter the shutter speed! But thank you again, at least I can get my phone in more awkward positions which may not be so possible with a DSLR!

      Liked by 1 person

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