Few Words.

It’s been a lazy day, and I plan on continuing that theme through till I lay my head on the pillow after my tv shows. My favourite; Revenge, is starting up again tonight – probably filled with way to many ads, nevertheless, I will endure! Four more photos up for show here and now under 300 to go =)

DAY 51 | 365

Daughter, lifestyle

She really has a thing against flannels. They dare not touch her high chair table, they dare not rest on her to help cool down on hot days and they dare not float around her bath. Yes this ended up at me and on the floor!


DAY 52 | 365

Ford, old car, lifestyle

I’m not a huge car fan, but there are some out there that I can truly admire. This car was parked up at Kings Park on Saturday morning. All polished, shiny and looking proud, ready to see the views of the city on its morning drive.


DAY 53 | 365

black and white, lifestyle, street art

A stroll down the street for a breath of air on Sunday afternoon before the week begins again.


DAY 54 | 365


Perry has grown quite fond of this soft toy she got as a newborn. It’s not one that gets carted about the house, it’s just there for the schnuggles at every sleep. Couldn’t decide on the black and white version or the colour version alas they’re both full of to much grain.


Snap ya Later _[o]_


4 thoughts on “Few Words.

  1. These are all just lovely, I’m not a car fan either but I can see the beauty in this vehicle and your shot of it !
    Love the others too, the walking down the street shot is beautiful, lovely one of her sleeping with her toy too, agree, cannot decide if I prefer the B & W or the colour 🙂

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