It’s a Friday blog post today.

A lot of my readers have been complaining of the cold weather, and no doubt I would be too at minus 40 degrees! However, I am so glad Perth is about to hit Autumn. I never thought I would be one to complain about the heat, but these 35+ temperatures are really getting to me. It’s to hot to bare foot it outside; it’s so hot that it’s cooler inside and it’s not cool inside at all, there’s no aircon, and the bed at night becomes a sauna. The fans throughout the place really just blow the warm air around in circles instead of sucking the heat up like I hope. Thankfully today has a cool breeze in the air and as soon as my lil munchkin eats upon her waking, we’re going to clear the growing cobwebs and just go anywhere, wherever her footsteps take us!

Too much time indoors and I start to dwell on all the things that need to be done with the place. And then I don’t like going anywhere until that thing is done, no matter how many days it takes me! I started to attempt the task of cleaning the carpet last night with the Vanish Powerfoam spray… I bought the cleaner about a month ago, so it was time I tested it out. On review, I think it needs to be a lot more powerful than what it states on the can, as it’s gonna take a fair more than the one attempt. There are so many stains, I can’t even remember what the carpet looked like when we moved in and it doesn’t help that the carpet is pretty old and had it anyway. There are a few I know for sure that were us, but they’re inevitable with a baby around and dirt/sand for an outdoor backyard!


DAY 55 | 365

duplo, learning, mother and daughter

Perry’s getting so clever at building. Learning that one block connects to another. Though we aren’t quite up to building towers; As soon as she has connected a block, she has to pull it apart again straight away!


DAY 56 | 365

food, home baking, afghans, biscuits

This is the second batch I’ve had to make in almost a week. They’re just too delicious – and the icing on top just makes them irresistible!


DAY 57 | 365

mother and daughter

My selfie for the month… daughter in tow.


DAY 58 | 365

Cleaning, housework duties, lifestyle, dramatic

Perfect prompt for today: A dreaded task haha. I continued my attempt at getting to work on the carpet this morning while Miss P had her snooze. Who needs pushups when there’s a carpet to clean??!


Better apologise for posting a day late this week; Sorry then, I hope ya’ll didn’t miss me that much lol. One more day til the end of February now though! woohoo, go me!

Snap ya Later _[o]_


2 thoughts on “It’s a Friday blog post today.

  1. I complain about the cold, but I definitely prefer it to the heat, I don’t mind cold it’s the snow I hate! Great photos, love the composition on the first one, the second one looks delish, I want to eat it! I’m the same way, I have this giant list of chores to do but it’s so hard to find the time with a little one running around, but my floors need a major clean.

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