Not a shop-o-holic.

I would not call myself a shop-o-holic. I never have been a fan of shopping for myself, there’s just too many choices and and can never make a decision. I never been able to have a matching wardrobe; nothing ever wears well with anything else. I hate shopping for items, unless a) these items are located in the grocery store or b) I know exactly what i want, what to compare it with if needed and where to find it. I like shopping online as it makes price comparisons too easy, and it’s a lot easier to chuck unnecessary items out of the cart as I physically haven’t inspected them. However I don’t like paying for the delivery fees, so I usually end up going out to that shop in person. That’s not a good thing to do when Kmart is the shop I am entering. I went in, just to buy some shelves that we desperately need as our old one has pretty much given way. And then I found the toy section! I love buying Perry new things, and she doesn’t get things that often so it is fun to watch her enjoying the novelties. This is how my shop went and typically goes unless I have someone by my side to entice me out of the store.

“I’ll just buy her one big car – she’s into things that go brrmm at the moment. But she seems to be liking the little one better because it has lights and sounds. But it’s only little so maybe she should have two little cars instead of one big one. Ooo, heres some Duplo, this comes with a car and trailer; Duplo will last her much longer than those cars. But she really likes the noise on those cars. She still doesn’t have a teaset, this one looks fun, comes in a box to stow away; she did enjoy pretending to drink tea with her friend the other day. Will she stop kicking these damn shoes off already, I know they’re too big but she’s outgrown all her others. I must go and get her some that actually fit, with the weather cooling down closed in shoes won’t be as much of a problem anymore either.
We need some more plants around the house, fake ones would be great – they’ll last a lot longer than some real ones. I can put this one on display on the new shelves to add a homely touch, nice! Oh YES, here’s this camera money box I’ve seen on instagram, I love it, have to have it! I like the smell of this candle, I think it might fit into the candle holder I bought once, it’s been sitting there candle-less since I bought it. Finally here’s the shelf I’ve been looking for, I want the 4 tier in white. 3 tier white, 3 tier black, white stool, black stool, ladder shelf, tv cabinet, side table… are you serious! I’ve been trapsing around this whole store for about an hour if not more just to find the one thing I want, the one thing I came to get, the one thing I actually need and they’re out of stock!”

Don’t worry after all that, I did end up finding one at a different location, and we also went with black instead, wish me luck for building it up tomorrow!

DAY 59 | 365

crayons, art, lifestyle, colour

Shadows. Pulled out the crayons and paper today, a little bit of interest was taken, but as soon as bed time was mentioned it was funny to see how she gravitated back towards them and threw such a tanty because she was all of a sudden ‘busy’ with things.


DAY 60 | 365

lifestyle, family, fatherdaughter

Passion. Camera, good or bad I love being able to have memories of my daughter enjoying herself with loved ones as she grows up.


DAY 61 | 365

lifestyle, wine, drink

Distractions. I was struggling with dinner tonight. Best just to forget about it a bit longer and have a much deserved glass of wine right?!


DAY 62 | 365

bath time, lifestyle, daughter

Experiment{ing}. We don’t usually do the bubble thing at bath. But thought it was worth another go tonight cause bubbles are awesome. Lucky us, they’ll happen more often now because they stayed in the tub as opposed to being swallowed into the tummy.


DAY 63 | 365

lifestyle, floral arrangements, roses

No Prompt. Slack. 10mins to midnight. Stressing out. I completely thought I wasn’t going to get a photo for the day that was worthy of my blog. Thank goodness my flowers from February had dried out nicely for a sweet photo.


DAY 64 | 365

childs play, lifestyle, toy photography.

Eyes. The Duplo Clan. Two new members added today to bring the total of the little people, to three.


Until next time,

Snap ya Later _[o]_


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