Visiting Hours.

So the intent with this post, was that I would post it at the beginning of the week! I’m seriously slacking off. My energy and motivation levels consistently seem to have some sort of bi polar disorder, and I don’t know what I’m lacking in! Could be some sort of vitamin or mineral, or a combination of both, but there’s like a million out there, it’s impossible to nail it down to one or two! Maybe I’m just short of sleep, or caffeine – now that’s rather contradictory! Oh well, what ever, it may be Friday but here I am, and here you are… Thank you!

Now, last weekend melted my heart with such emotion. We had our cousins over visiting for the weekend. First time Perry has ever met them and after 10 minutes she was absolutely smitten! Those darling girls got all the schnuggles in the world, they were given so much love and gave ample back. They may have tried to teach Perry how to walk forwards up and down the spiral staircase we have, and let me say, Perry catches on pretty damn quick these days, but I’ll forgive them because in return I got to watch an amazing bond form between three sweet girls.
I find it really quite funny how much interaction she had with these girls who are working towards high school, but yet when it comes to children her own age or even a year older, she doesn’t really give two hoots! She’s very independant and quite happy to ponder around them rather than with them. Next up our road trip south for an out of town visit! yeOw!

I know I’ve said it before, but I think I actually might be on the count down now until I can get a new camera! I’m not going to say too much because I don’t want to jinx it – but please just cross all your fingers and toes for me because I am starting to struggle a little bit, leaving it a lot lately until 11’oclock at night – or maybe that’s part of my energy/motivation issue =/ either way I feel a new camera would definitely help me out a bit!


DAY 65 | 365

Lifestyle, daughter, expression, family

This Face! You ask her to smile and she scrunches up her whole face to pull it! Just adorable as she clings on to me.


DAY 66 | 365

saturday night, keys

Our guests arrived, and it became bottom of the list to take photos, however I did manage to take something. I noted the keys tossed to the side for the night. These keys however, brought a fair bit of drama come Monday morning. Let’s just say thankfully everybody got home peacefully!


DAY 67 | 365

Relatives, cousins, lifestyle, friends

The bond formed between these girls was just amazing. I can’t get over how much Perry looked up to her older cousins. Made hard work for me today with them gone, she really cherished the 27/7 attention!


DAY 68 | 365

dark spirits, lifestyle, alcohol, good weekend

This was the remains of the weekend. Not even a drop left.


DAY 69 | 365

music, daughter,

Her and her tambourine. And then add this fence into the mix. She does loud well. She has her beat.


DAY 70 | 365

animals, books, lifestyle

I was given this little affirmation book as part of an engagement present and it was really beautiful and well, new, once upon a time, however it’s also become one of Perry’s go to books and now contains sticky tape and crinkles throughout the pages. I guess at least it is a helpful tool for teaching her about zoo animals!


DAY 71 | 365

negative space, butterfly wings, daughter, lifestyle

I think Perry is over all her toys and books at the moment. She rarely can sit still inside and has been such a nightmare just trying to get food into her unless she is out those doors, as I guess any toddler, who’s learning the world and cooped up in a little unit all day would! Inspiration for this image came from the word Negative Space.


DAY 72 | 365

water, bath, tub, tap, sink

Why is it, the most simplest things are sometimes the hardest?? Today’s prompt was “Starts with W”. All I could come up with was wire – Thinking mesh wire/chicken pens etc. Of course, I don’t have access to that here. Then there was a bunch of adjectives, all that I could’ve used for Perry, but just didn’t capture any shots I was happy with of her. My partner suggested wet since it’s just started raining. Clever! However I wouldn’t call it rain so much as a drizzle… not enough water to comply – hang on a sec… Ahh doesn’t the word water start with a W?? Duh! Such an easy task and It only clicked with the help of instagram after dinner tonight!


Have a great week,

Snap ya Later _[o]_


2 thoughts on “Visiting Hours.

    • Thank you! Yes, well this girl has been having hard out Mummy moments lately, getting real cranky if I leave her side, so much so she doesn’t like to let go. Lucky she’s got that smile huh! Lol


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