Free Her Up.

Saturday evening and I sit here listening to loud party music and people having a good time while I type my blog, tired as, but persisting! My, how times are changing.

I wish it were easier to just re-do your computer. I’m using my MacBook which i got quite a few years ago now and I wish I had known at the beginning of it’s life what I know now. Things that I didn’t actually need to install; how to save items so they’re easily found all the time, even when you’ve forgotten about them; to back everything up from the beginning, instead of 5 odd years down the track. There’s so many folders. Most of them are ordered by date, but I’ve used so many applications for editing photos or just storing them, that they’re actually not all found in the same place. I want to clean it up but just don’t know where to start! I know this poor girl is struggling a bit with the amount of photos {and music, erhm… Honey??}  on here, but its just so hard to clear them all to start from scratch. I’m scared I may have missed putting something onto the hard drive.. and then what if that hard drive should go kaput? Should I really have a two backup hard drives? and then now that I’m back on my DSLR and started to play around with RAW images again, they take up even more space, insisting this matter needs to be dealt with! I feel like the task is too big at hand but I need to try give this old girl a new lease on life! Has anyone done this before? Any tips how I should go about this? I want to install lightroom, but i know she just couldn’t hack it until some space is cleared.

On other thoughts, looking at my instagram feed, it’s not very bright and colourful is it? I seem to really struggle to get those beautiful bright, white images. I really like them but only seem to make a few in comparison. I’m just attracted to creating monochrome, dark or moody images – that and when given the opportunity our house only lets in small amounts of light at certain times of the day. At least with winter coming up I shouldn’t struggle to much.


76 | 365

Canon, photography, selfie

Meet my new baby! My fingers are quickly learning their way around. She was so much heavier than what I previously had, but now after only a few days I can barely remember!


77 | 365

lifestyle, daughter, lunch, childs play.

Princess Ted also gets her fair share of food and drink now, ranging from good old plastic shape blocks to peanut butter sandwiches.


78 | 365

Pregnancy, lifestyle, Maternity photography

In less than a week I get to meet a new best little fella. I’m so proud of my friend for getting to where she is now, and I know she’s going to be one awesome mother!


79 | 365

night photography, starburst, chair, still life

I took my camera out for her first night shoot tonight to test out my wide angle lens. Didn’t perform too badly however, I do need more practice, so hoping to deliver you some city lights soon.


80 | 365

sunset, beach, lifestyle, weather

Missed the sunset. It was seriously windy. So much, that after the first shot, my lens was covered in salt spray, but I quite like the soft effect that it created for this image.


Hope you enjoyed =)

Snap ya Later _[o]_


13 thoughts on “Free Her Up.

  1. I had to sort my laptop out last month my hard drive was playing up so put all my photos on disks took ages but waa scared I would loose everything, I sorted out all my folders but still find it hard to delete them just in case! I have lightroom, photoshop 7 and cs5, she is struggling I might just invest in another hars drive or buy extra space on drop box .

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  2. Wonderful shots! I love the salt spray image. 🙂 Also, the tea party is so great. Precious times to remember. Glad you got a new camera and lens. You’ll have so much fun with that! I sympathize with you on the computer dilemma. I have finally deleted the duplicate folders and I haven’t found anything missing…yet. Gulp! It’s ridiculously stressful to finally hit that button though. Good luck. 🙂

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    • Thanks, I’m half way there at the moment and just went to try install the Photoshop trial to find my laptops software is soo outa date that I’ve gotta upgrade that first! It was gonna take ages tonight so that’s my plan for tomorrow!

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