Signed; Daughter.

Playing on my mind tonight: how to be thankful when you’re just not thankful. Or maybe I was thankful, and then I was expected to be thankful and not spoken to again until such time, technically making me not thankful. How much is it worth? What and who really defines the word family – mine to be exact? Do I want to try savour childhoods? I have friends who are more of a family. Will things eventually blow over and just be forgotten about, or will it always be at the back of the mind, ready for an emotional outburst at the first hint that it has not been forgotten? If such thought does truly become forgotten, then can I forgive? It was hurtful; the pain was not understood, but instead it thrashed its fury about in a few short blunt words. Who is going to make the first move? Who should make the first move? Is anyone going to make a move or are we both just as stubborn as each other? That relationship seems to be on its last threads and I’m not sure which thread is going to break next and how many I’ll be left with – if any.

My Daughter is growing, and I’m so thankful for the people that are currently in her life, for the people who make the effort; you all get to see this amazing darling become the heart she is. It makes me sad if you can’t try – for her sake, not mine.

I’m not sure what stirred that tonight, but I’m sure by the time this is posted tomorrow, this would’ve been stored back in it’s bottle – a place that I keep hidden too well.


DAY 91 | 365

Daughter, lifestyle, fashion, new zealand, kiwiana

I had to photograph her looking so adorable with her flowerband and greenstone. But she’s very hard to capture now, she just wants to grab the camera off me and tackle me everytime!


DAY 92 | 365

eggs, freerange, chickens, lifestyle, health

I was kindly given a couple of eggs, straight from the chooks themselves… if only I could tell you how delicious they were, except someone decided they would have 6 scrambled eggs for breakfast to themselves…


DAY 93 | 365

Pets, Dogs, portraits, photography

I don’t have any pets to practice my photography on and Perry doesn’t sit still anymore, so took the opportunity to snap this fella while he was in an usually calm mood at my friends place.


DAY 94 | 365

sunset, beach, nature, western australia

Captured this amazing red sunset tonight. The clouds were amazing, the colours were amazing, the reflections were amazing! Keep an eye of at the end of the month for a few others from this shoot!


DAY 95 | 365

Daughter, walking, monochrome, sepia, lifestyle, natural

Been seriously studying this lens and camera combo trying to get it so it is tack sharp with a little girl on the move. I think I am getting there finally. I think only more practice will tell. I love this cheeky look I caught in this image!


DAY 96 | 365

Newborn photography, natural light.

Meet Precious Baby Theo! 9 Days old and he didn’t cry much for me. He was so snug is this gorgeous blanket and fitted perfectly into the basket that you just didn’t want to disturb him.


Since upgrading and downloading too much, in the name of photography, we [I] have capped our internet data for the month, with another week and a half before renewal, so if you’re on Instagram, sorry for the amount of #chanelleslight spam I’m about to bombard you with while I sit here on the libraries wifi. I hope you enjoyed the weeks worth of photos above – and with that, another memory card is filed away, and a new one is inserted!


Snap ya Later _[o]_


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