Gotta Be In It To Win It.

At our rent inspection the other day, the property manager suggested I should begin taking photos of houses for rent or sale and sell off those photos. She had a very good point, about it being a relatively easy job, and one where I could take Perry with me. It did sound like a good idea at the time, however, after a quick look online at a few good photos I realised I’m probably not equipped enough with the gear I have – I think the biggest thing being I would need a flash and I would need the knowledge of how to use a flash! BUT this did make me think how far I’ve come since my first snap and that it’s about time I start entering a few competitions and see how we go – after all you’ve gotta be in it to win it, right?! So there will probably be a few facebook posts coming up where I’d love it if you could help me out and send a vote my way =)

DAY 97 | 365

nature, season, winter, autumn, flowers, weeds

Weeds – The days are cooling off quite nicely at the moment, we’ve even had rain most days this week. The beginnings of Winter are starting to show. Winter for us means more blankets to schnuggle in to at night, more cuddles in the morning before stepping out into the cold, and sleeping sweat free in silence {no noise of the loud fan overhead}.

DAY 98 | 365

love, relationships, fiance, partner

Lennon – By now you’ve seen many pictures of my darling Perry, {and there will still be hundreds to come no doubt} you’ve even copped a few of myself, so I thought it’s about time I show off this guy – my fiancé! 1) I managed to get an awesome portrait of him actually smiling and looking down the lens! And 2. He loves me, he puts up with me and my ways, he loves our daughter and I love him. He’s a tough fella to get on with if you think you love music, because no matter what he loves and knows it more than you thought you ever could – so don’t even start him on the latest pop song, but if you are lucky enough to befriend him you won’t regret it. He cares deeply for his friends, has a great bond with them and is so much better than me at keeping in touch with them. After six years together I know him very well and know how his mind works and when I think about it – that’s pretty crazy how much you can know about someone but still not be able to tell you what their favourite colour is or what their favourite kind of chocolate is, but that stuff doesn’t spell love anyway does it? One day, when we either win lotto, start seriously saving or heck, the stars just align, we will get married, but until then, I’m happy with the way we are.


DAY 99 | 365

daughter, weather, rainwear, family, fun,

Rainy Days – So I bought Perry a pair of gumboots the other week. And then the sky gifted us with rain to test them out! A few months ago while op shopping I also came across this raincoat: Brand new, great quality, gorgeous colours, and rather oversized. Nevertheless rolling up the sleeves and the hood and Perry has a lovely waterproof dress, so this winter we shouldn’t have a problem with not being able to go outside, {or the next 2 or 3 winters for that matter of fact}.


DAY 100 | 365

daughter, sleep, cuddles, teddy bear, relax,

Tired – I was trying to push her nap time out by at least half an hour as she just hasn’t been sleeping very late into the afternoon, leaving a very irritable girl come 5pm. I headed upstairs to go charge my phone. For once she didn’t follow me and after a few minutes, here I am, freaking out for a split second because it was airily quiet downstairs. My little munchkin had put herself to sleep, with her teddy, on the couch. She never does this! She didn’t wake at all while creeping around taking photos and after I had to carry her up to her cot. It was just too adorable, such a special moment for me – her independence is growing more every day!


Snap ya Later _[o]_



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