It’s been a while….

I haven’t been able to keep up with posting lately, due to holidays, road trips and visitors. So I’ll keep this post simple, sharing the past 16 days of my year in 16 photos.


DAY 101 | 365

natural, lifestyle, baby, breastfeeding

One of the most natural beautiful things a woman can do; nourish her young.


DAY 102 | 365

artwork, Street art, perth, artists

Took a walk down a laneway close to home to admire some street artwork and occupy Perry for a tad longer before the day came to an end.


DAY 103 | 365

duplo, kids toys, primary colours, classic

Such classic toys that have been through many a home, and more to come… however constantly picking them up off the ground does not become any easier.


DAY 104 | 365

lifestyle, kids, play

We’re getting a lot more cuddles out of this young one as she learns how to relax more… and that actually under the covers isn’t so bad.


DAY 105 | 365

lifestyle, jewellery,

Jewellery: The ring I wear on my left hand. One of the only pieces i will wear on a daily basis.


DAY 106 | 365

learning, kids, simplicity.

We are slowly getting better at picking up a crayon or chalk and putting it to paper or wall.. as long as she continues to understand which goes where I’m fine =)


DAY 107 | 365

lifestyle, everyday, bedtime, kids, play

Made it down to Bunbury to meet the cuzzies and have a jump around with them just before bed.


DAY 108 | 365

gnomesville, western australia,

Took a trip to Gnomesville. Such a bizarre little place. kind of freaky in a way – our in the wops, but pretty cool how it isn’t trashed by morons and people are still continuing to place their own gnomes further up the unmaintained tracks.


DAY 109 | 365

kids, beach, lifestyle, happy, freedom

Finishing the weekend with the energetic cuzzies at the beach. If only everyone would co-operate for such a photo!


DAY 110 | 365

low light, experiment, iphone

Played around with low light and the glow from iphone again, to see the effect


DAY 111 | 365

kids, family, brunch, perth city farm,

Dad flew in for a visit last night and shouted Perry and I out for brunch in the morning. I can’t believe how much perry enjoyed the jam – she even dipped the avocado into it ??!


DAY 112 | 365

nature, sunset, jetty, wharf, beach, long exposure

Almost missed this sunset. The sun is continuing to set earlier and earlier and winter approaches. I was hoping there would still be some lingering smoke from recent fires, but having this jetty to play around with instead made for a pretty good shot.


DAY 113 | 365

kids, playground, perth, light, happy

An afternoon at the park with Grandad in tow.


DAY 114 | 365

anzac, bedtime

Early to bed; Early to rise.
“At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, lest we forget”


DAY 115 | 365

anzac, new zealand, australia, war, veteran, memory

Up at 3.45 in the morning in memory of the Anzacs. However it wasn’t early enough to get a good photo at the dawn service as the crowds were already in the thousands when we got there, so headed back in the evening and got this image with the wreaths laid around the flame.
“Let silent contemplation be your offering”.


DAY 116 | 365

airport, new zealand, home, travel,

Sent Dad off on his trip back to New Zealand. It was a lovely to have him visit for the week and spend some much treasured time with his first granddaughter.


Snap ya Later _[o]_


10 thoughts on “It’s been a while….

    • I was also really pleased about the gnome. Just one of those right place right time! Only a few seconds and it was all gone. I’ve got another great gnome one in my April’s cutting room floor post, which i will try to get up this weekend =)


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