Where Are We Going?

So I have entered my first photo competition.. not expecting anything to come from it as there were some amazing images, that in my opinion, fit the brief really well, but then I’m always one to under estimate myself a bit too. The part I enjoyed was the excitement of being able to participate in a real competition, something I’m passionate about, not just one of these fill in your details and your in the draw sort of thing – plus there’s no public voting so I’m actually in with a chance, even if it is one in a thousand or there abouts!

My little Miss P is undergoing an awesome development phase. When I say Awesome, I mean, hello tantrums. I even find myself trying hard to not laugh on the occasions where I don’t have steam blowing out my ears! Most of them I cannot figure out what in the world she’s lost it about either. However there is another side to the word awesome… that is watching her skills develop further. She’s picked up riding one of those plastic trikes so quickly, she’s able to follow along to songs and do the actions without me, and in general she’s just understanding so much more, hence, I need to reconsider my use of the word no, as that one has been thrown back in my face recently too – whoops!

I know we’re only a third the way through the year on this 365 project, but I’ve already been trying to think what this blog will become afterwards. I think I’d like to carry on with a photo a week instead, but I’d also like to write about things that people actually want to read/would be of more interest to others, things where it might involve a bit more thought and planning. But I find myself quite stuck on what exactly those things should be. I know I want to get into business, but that’s going to take more practice to build my confidence for now. I keep reading that a blog should have one direct avenue sort of thing, and even if I come up with an idea, I’m not sure how that’d survive more than a year, if that, before I ran out of things to post about. Has anyone else started to think beyond DAY 365? Anyone been in this position before and concord it?

DAY 117 | 365

feet, relax, tv, legally blonde, photography, art

End of the day and nothing… so you get a snap of my feet. Actually I’m relaxing infront of the tv, Revenge just finished and Legally Blonde came on. I thought I’d just watch until the first ad break just to see if I still loved it as much as I did back in the days… turns out I do (not sure how shameful this is =/), aaand I couldn’t leave my seat until the credits ran. I still feel really really sad for Elle when she brings a basket of muffins to try and be part of a study group and gets rejected – but no Fleur, I didn’t cry, that was a once off alright, hahaha!


DAY 118 | 365

daughter, learning, trike, bike, outdoors, childs play

My little baby all grown up on her trike. Taking a ride around the block, we get half way and she starts to get distracted, slowing down the pace enormously, so I run and hide behind a tree foolishly thinking she would hurry up and carry on in the direction we were going. She stops looks around at all angles, sits back down on her bike and just says ‘Mum’. Seriously broke my heart, I felt like the worst mother for putting even the slightest bit of anxiety in my daughters heart. I ran back out to her and we carried on happily home.


DAY 119 | 365

dance, mother and daughter, our time, lifestyle

I seriously can’t wait until I get a place to live that has ample lighting, as photographs like these are just full of way to much grain and poor quality. But I do make an effort to get a photo of Perry and I together every now and then, so one day she can look back, and see what we used to do during the day. She loves music – Cypress Hill if you were wondering, but I’ll save those tunes for Lenny, and her and I can dance to Kate Nash instead.


DAY 120 | 365

pineapple, fruit, food, macro, photography

At the fruit and veg store last night they were selling these pineapples for $3 each. Bargain! However, I was pretty sure pineapple was a summer fruit, not winter… But these smelt absolutely ripe and delicious so I took the risk and grabbed one. Opened this morning, it’s definitely been in storage for a while and even though it’s sweet, there is still an element of unripeness to it although that isn’t overpowering. All in all, this pineapple will not last if it doesn’t get eaten soon.


Snap ya Later _[o]_


4 thoughts on “Where Are We Going?

  1. That one of you and your little girl dancing is so amazing! I can’t wait till Audrey starts walking around and dancing.
    Which competition did you enter? Was it the Clickin’ Mom’s one? I entered too! I don’t expect to win but at least I entered. πŸ™‚ Good luck!!!!

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