From the Cutting Room Floor. 4|12

With every click of the shutter button, there’s bound to always be more than just one favourite. Some nights, it makes my decision very hard when choosing what one to portray for my 365 photography project. Here, under this category, at the end of each month, I’ll be posting a few of my favourites that missed out on their chance in the limelight!


A couple of real goodies in this bunch. I marked my top four with an asterisk, clicking on them will enlarge them a bit more. In no particular order, April’s photos:


dog, pet photography


Newborn photography, lifestyle

Baby Theo.

newborn photography


newborn photography

Features, in black and white.

bird bath


Lifestyle, leaves, season, autumn,

A Walk Through the Park.

Burns beach, nature, sunset, photography, long exposure

After the Sun.

nature, sunset, water, long exposure, photography

Don’t Rush.

sunset, nature, sky, photography, bright, lifestyle

The Bigger Picture.*

daughter, lifestyle, flower

Summer Smiles.

lifestyle, daughter, black and white

It’s a Hard Life.

Lifestyle, black and white, love, mother and son, newborn photography

Motherly Love.*

children, lifestyle, beach, photography

Embracing the Waters Edge.*

Gnomesville, Perth, Australia, photography, light

Gnomin’ It at Snails Pace.*

Daughter, Lifestyle, Brunch, Family

The Entertainer.

Beach, Ocean, Landmarks, Ships

Looking Out.

Places to go, Australia, bar, beach

Looking Up.

Sunset, nature, beach, light, starburst, jetty

Golden Hour

Black and white, Lifestlye snaps, luggage, travel, home

Travel On.

Pineapple, Food photography, smells of summer.

Golden Shadows.


Snap ya Later _[o]_


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