Time for the Next Upgrade?

I really start to do silly things if i don’t have my morning coffee! Just for example, this morning, I had almost had my coffee, and went to sip it, only to realise I hadn’t even put the hot water in the cup… [7 images]I guess that’s only gonna get worse from here on in =/

This week I downloaded some free presets for Lightroom from Cole’s Classroom. I haven’t bought any before, so this was a start to see what they could do. He also sells a bunch of different ones too, but for now I’m having fun with these and they’re definitely making some of my portrait/lifestyle editing faster.

Talking about speed! That panorama I created {Day 143}… well that turned out to be 100+ mb as a raw file, so you can just imagine how slow that made an old Macbook – probably only 4gbRam and a slower processing speed! I did a lot more sitting and waiting for that image than I actually did editing. I think this is next to be upgraded before anything else.
What is everyone else editing on? laptop or computer? how big is your RAM, hard drive storage and how fast is your processing speed? do you use Lightroom and Photoshop together?


DAY 138 | 365

lifestyle, kids, reading

Bought her, her own little table and chairs and we’re slowly adding all her toys upstairs to her room, since she can get up and down fairly easily now, in hopes to reduce some of the mess downstairs!


DAY 139 | 365

accessories, fashion, belt, clothing,

Like I’ve probably said before, I’m not really one for accessorizing, but I just felt like it today for no reason and I reckon I pulled it off.


DAY 140 | 365

building, construction, walks, children, light, trains

The new bridge in our area has almost been completed after a year of work. From a ratty old thing which got demolished to a brand new one with a massive pathway. This is now one of our regular routes to view the trains on the their afternoon commuter runs.


DAY 141 | 365

kmart, shopping, addiction, obsession, value

I think it won’t be too long before I have to say I have an obsession with Kmart. I can’t go in without coming out with something. I love how cheap they are but how stylish some of their stuff is. Today it was a new notepad, pens, pen holder, letter holder, stool and a fun pillow for Perry.


DAY 142 | 365

puppy, dog, animals, fence, neighbourhood

The neighbours have a puppy. First time I’ve seen him this close, trying to squeeze through his fence onto our side. He didn’t make it, but he didn’t get stuck either, luckily! So cute though!


DAY 143 | 365

beach, sunset, pano, panorama, rocks, clouds, nature

It was a gorgeous morning, but no, I wanted to wait until the afternoon before venturing out for some photos. Thankfully that worked in my favour. I think it made for a great photo with the storm clouds rolling in for my second attempt at a panorama image.


DAY 144 | 365

daughter, portrait, photography, lifestyle

Took everyone for a trip to kings park today to have a look around for inspiration. I’ve learnt, if I’m to do photo shoots with children it needs to be very first thing in the morning. After that, they just don’t want to participate. In saying that, I did get a couple of photos that I was happy with. This one of Perry stuffing her face just melts me. So sharp, great colours and perfect expression to show off her cheeky nature. ❤


Hope your week’s starting off well,

Snap ya Later _[o]_


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