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And just like that I’m finally set up with an awesome new workspace to bring you my slice of goodness =) [7 images] Before now I’ve been working from a 2009 MacBook, and as I previously mentioned, it just wasn’t cutting it. I came very close to having a computer built for me, which would’ve been perfectly tailored to my needs and possibly worked out slightly cheaper for a better performance – But in the end it was going to cost a tad over budget that I really wasn’t prepared for and I had found a great price on this sparkling new iMac 27″, which Office Works would then beat by another 5% – thus allowing me for a couple of extras as well, such as a filter or two for my lenses.

However, buying the computer was the easy part! Next I had to rearrange furniture to have a space where I could fit it all in our little place. Then I needed a desk – not hard right? Desk #1 was a failure! It was a mission to put together, took over an hour and then the last piece didn’t even match up! So that went straight back for a refund and off to a different shop… IKEA. Never been in our local store before – and I wish someone had dragged me along sooner! It was pretty damn awesome… took 2 hours to get through it all, and that’s with me having to keep up with Lennon, who wasn’t as excited as I was – otherwise I’m sure I could’ve dragged it out an extra hour and left with more than just a compatible desk. =P The desk took roughly 2hours for me to work out the instructions and put it all together – but I didn’t want any help either, I was pretty adamant I could complete it myself – And I did, bar the tightening of a couple of screws =) IKEA also have a mean as, cheap cafe … do I need to say any more about that??

Right, so after finally being able to pull the computer out of it’s box and set it up – and then having to download half the apps that came with it because there were updates for them, I then had to re-download Lightroom. It wasn’t exceptionally hard on the laptop, but it did take a while. I was told it should be fairly simply to do so again, but turns out our wifi connection really isn’t the one anymore. Since a new house has been built next door, it has downgraded our signal strength even further. I was talking with Adobe all day yesterday. I kept trying and trying to get this stupid software on the computer – which was going to be pointless having if I couldn’t have the software. I kept getting error after error. Eventually one of the solutions worked and come midnight last night I was finally able to install the software.

So here I am now, on an awesome 27″ screen {I can’t even believe I was considering the 21″} equipped with Lightroom and hopefully Photoshop by midnight tonight too, ready to edit and learn some more. Might I add to anyone tossing up between the two screen sizes – I came from editing on an 11 inch, put one of my best photos up on the 27″ screen and could see specs of dust/sand/spray on the image that couldn’t physically be seen on the the 11″. I’m so glad I waited and never blew up and printed that image – Now I can edit accordingly to have flawless images!


DAY 145 | 365

wall decor, style, furniture, wall art, home space, living

Of course it has to be, as our time draws closer to an end at this place, the walls are starting to look more like a home, rather than just a roof over our heads, thanks to my awesome new clock that goes tick tock without a seconds hand.


DAY 146 | 365

abstract, art, door, light,

We’re having to keep our bedroom and bathroom door shut now that Perry is constantly in and out of her room, so that I don’t come in to find an empty wardrobe or something down the toilet that doesn’t belong there. This makes for a dark little space when her door is closed as well.


DAY 147 | 365

daughter, shoes, shopping, see kai run, magic shoebox

After pushing aside the need to go and get Perry properly fitted, for a good pair of shoes, I gave in. $75 later… we did get great service, and that cannot be found in kmart which made me feel slightly better. These will be her good solid shoes to get her through the next few months. But yes I will be cringing when they no longer fit her! I don’t even own a pair of $50 shoes =/


DAY 148 | 365

doll, cabbage patch kids, cpk, kids toys, fashion

I spent my afternoon tidying up this dolls hair, since Perry has a tendency to drag her around by the head. It took me quite a while {who knew!}. Next on the list is to give her a bath, since Perry also thinks that this doll enjoys being outside in the dirt too. But that will have to wait until summer, where she can dry out quickly.


DAY 149 | 365

shoes, fashion, boots, style

This is the third winter, I think, for these boots, and it is only just now that they’re feeling comfortably worn in! I think this pair was probably somewhere between the $20-$30 mark…


DAY 150 | 365

workspace, photography, Apple, iMac, computer, desk, furniture

Arghh! Here it is… my newest baby, all set up – ready to rock and roll, sitting proudly on the desk from IKEA which was super easy, if a tad time consuming, to put together =D


DAY 151 | 365

Daughter, park, leaves, autumn, winter, play

An afternoon at the park to blow away the cobwebs, after sitting inside all morning while Mummy was losing her mind trying to install Lightroom!


And then after all that, I’ve realised, that was the last day of the month! That was a super quick month! I’m not very prepared to deliver you the next post from the cutting room floor just yet, as I finish cleaning up the laptop – but rest assured that is my priority for you =)


Snap ya Later _[o]_


13 thoughts on “i Mac You

  1. Congrats on the new iMac, love Mac, just find it so much more intuitive. Wouldn’t mind the 27″ either but after a new camera body recently I think I may have to put the breaks on 🙂
    Lovely shots as always, we used to have a Mountain Buggy for Tess too, brilliant stroller, that was the off road version and Bugaboo was the townie vehicle.
    Really like the boot shot, so simple but so good 🙂
    And ever so slightly jealous of your office set up, looks perfect !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou! I couldn’t live without our mountain buggy! Its the perfect pram, so manoeuvrable and I love how easy a curb pop is! All that missing from my set up is a comfy chair, and maybe a 16*9 canvas print above it. The chair will have to wait for now though, and the print may be a bit of a debate, but I’m sure I’ve got something good amongst my archives that will suit =)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the new Mac. It looks really nice sitting on your desk. Isn’t Ikea amazing, so pleased you found this store. Always a dangerous place as I never come out empty handed! Some great colours in your ‘afternoon in the park’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t quote me but I think the screens are supposed to be better. However if I had gotten one built for myself it would’ve been running on Windows. The screen I was looking at was a Dell screen which was supposed to be superb. Because I had been using apple for a few years I was nervous to switch back to windows just out of comfort and I think its really hard to beat the look of the Apple brand. They just seem to have a nack, in my opinion, for style!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nah, That was happening a lot to me to on my laptop. I was told it has to do with colour calibration on the laptop/monitor. Im not ready to invest in something to make it perfect but I’ve learnt when I think its done, to add a tad more exposure as well as up the pink tint and then it looks a tad better. Its hard though as well coz everyone’s monitors could be different, so even if yours is calibrated, you might print great photos but the majority of online viewers don’t see the same as you since their screen isn’t calibrated…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah was going to start messing with exposure etc but decided against it because I might make it worse ha, I think I might be better just getting a computer with a monitor 🙂


  3. These are all lovely photos, I think I love the closed door one the best, really like how you showed the light. Glad you got a new computer, I’m useless with Macs they’re so backwards to me, but I’m sure you’ll love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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