A is for Art.

Argh Sheesh! Regular posting just doesn’t seem to be my thing at the moment as much as I just want to be able to! Perry’s sleeps have dwindled their way down to one hour – if that – a day. I’m hoping that’s just a phase, as it barely leaves my time to edit my photos let alone much else. Today she wasn’t even letting me sit next to the computer and kept pulling me away – so what? so I could watch her eat her apple! Yes, that’s right, to watch her eat **shakes head*.

I’ve have my first Creative Live video series to watch too… Been about a week sitting there, not sure when I’m going to have that time. It looks really good though. Its a bumps to babies series with Kelly Brown and Sue Bryce – two top photographers. Hoping I’ll be able to get through the family session of it at least before I take my willing candidates out for a photoshoot in a few weeks time.

As you will see I have purchased my most expensive lens yet – and I got it at a bargain price. The Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4. It is really beautiful! Even just comparing the sharpness between this and my 50mm 1.8 – I’m like aahhh, and then there’s just the smoothness of it all and i can actually fit my subjects easily in the frame now. =D I managed to purchase it in store for $100 less than the cheapest, just because they screwed up their prices. The guy only made a couple of bucks profit off me, tough luck to him.
So everyone says that when you buy your first lens, a great one to choose is the nifty fifty because they are so cheap, and have a lot better quality than the standard kit. This is true, but when I started out, I wasn’t really grasping the whole full frame and crop sensor frame thing to well. A 50mm is a great portrait length and can also be used for many types of photography easily – In my understanding this is if you are using a camera with a full frame sensor. If I was wanting a 50mm for my crop sensor, I should infact have been looking to purchase a lens with a focal length around the 31mm mark from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love my nifty fifty, but it was giving me a field of view much closer to 80mm and for all my indoor photos, this was just to cropped! If I was to now give advise to a newbie who’d just purchased a crop sensor camera, I would mention the nifty fifty as an option but, I would be suggesting a lens between the 30-35mm focal length for their first lens, despite the price difference. I will still be using my 50mm on some outdoor excursions as it’s light to carry, and can create beautiful portraits from the chest up. The rest of the time, you can be sure, for now, that I’m wearing a piece of Art.

I’d just thought I’d mention in this post also, 2 odd months out from the 12km City to Surf run, and I don’t think it’s going to be happening anymore. I lost all that motivation again, and my fitness is probably back at the non-existent level. At least one can have dreams right ?? haha.


DAY 152 | 365

Kids fun parks, train rides, carnivals, holidays

Public holiday, so I took Perry to a kids fair thing in the city. Unfortunately the lines were too long for both of us to wait, so I took the opportunity to practice panning again.


DAY 153 | 365

jumper, clothing, style, fashion, winter

The cold was settling in and one of my jumpers came out of the wash with a gaping hole, so I was quick to pick up this cute pink one from kmart, which is real snug.


DAY 154 | 365

rain drops, droplet, water, nature, flower

It was raining most of the day, so opportunity was less, as was motivation and this I imagine will continue as winter deepens.


DAY 155 | 365

childhood, joy, happiness, mother and daugher, big sister, candid moments

This little girl just has so much life in her. She’s gonna be a fantastic big sister, and ain’t nobody gonna stand in her way!


DAY 156 | 365

Sigma, art series, 35mm, lens, photography

Meet my new piece of Art. She just looks beautiful doesn’t she! So image how she runs…


DAY 157 | 365

sunset, league, game, supporters, fans, silhouettes

Took Perry to her first game. It was an experience. It may not happen again in the too nearer future, although it wasn’t a complete write off. she just needs a bit more space than everybody else, that’s all! at least she knew when to clap and cheer. This was taken on the way home in the sunset with my phone.


DAY 158 | 365

hangover, cousins, company, reading, cuddles, bed

So after the game, it became a long night. Thankfully Perry has amazing cousins to keep her company while Mummy and Daddy drown their sorrows in peace.


DAY 159 | 365

park, childhood, kids, fun, freezing motion

Down at the park testing the autofocus of my new lens as she swings away.


DAY 160 | 365

panning, photography, swing, childhood, emotion

And wanted to try the opposite tonight. Instead of freezing the whole image I wanted to portray more motion and tried some more panning.


DAY 161 | 365

flare, photography, family, park, childhood, slide

Keeping things at the park {cause, lets face it, we’re here every day anyways} I wanted to try capture some flare as the sun was making its exit.


DAY 162 | 365

dog, puppy, pet photography,

Friendly little Lola. Wasn’t really one to pose for a photo for me, there was too much action elsewhere.


DAY 163 | 365

Childhood, cuddles, teddy, blanket, relaxing, bedtime

Since she has discovered how to say the word ‘No’, she’s slowly learning how and when to portray this action also. This is one of her ‘i don’t want to go to bed’ moments insisting she’s most comfy right here. That doesn’t sit to well with me… but let me take a photo first yeah =P This photo was more adorable in colour however our blastered couch is the most hideous orange and it just wasn’t cool.


DAY 164 | 365

natural light, children, inspired, winter, posing

The most perfect natural light for any photographer, how could I resist.


DAY 165 | 365

piggy back ride, father and daughter, tired, morning walk

Sunday stroll home after a morning coffee and she gave Daddy the ‘I don’t wanna walk anymore’ tug, so like the good Daddy he is, he gave her a ride.


DAY 166 | 365

Breakfast, morning, empty, childhood, expressions, emotion,

And then her bowl was empty…


DAY 167 | 365

feet, children, let the kids, barefoot, reading

The weather is definitely insisting we keep warm lately, although Perry obviously didn’t get the memo and I constantly find her with one barefoot.


DAY 168 | 365

apple, fruit, healthy eating, star, food photography

We happened to discuss the other day how little apples we eat in Perth as opposed to what we used to eat back home. Couldn’t pin point a reason either. Thought since I’ve got a bunch sitting there {for nearly a month now}, I may as well use them for photography if anything… this way I felt obliged to eat it, because I couldn’t just let it go to waste.


Until next time I guess =P


Snap ya Later _[o]_


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