A bit of Everything [13 Images]

Over the last 13 days we’ve literally had our noses deep in online photography workshops and Netflix, but I have managed to get off my arse too!

I’ve been studying newborn, maternity and family photography a lot and trying to work out what the very basics are that I may need in order to comfortably create beautiful pictures. It’s very hard because I’m someone who would rather buy what I need straight away and stick with it rather than buy something that doesn’t end up fitting my style and having to get rid of it. I got to put some of my learning into practice over the weekend and was amazed at how some of the things I kept getting told actually worked and changed the image. It was lots of fun trying it all out too and can’t wait to play a bit more!

And yes.. Netflix well… we got a free 6month subscription and don’t know how we’re going to go without it. It’s one of those things you don’t need but as soon as you get it you can’t live without it. I seem to have found myself knee deep in the gossip girl series during the day and rather enjoying the weeds series with Lennon on the weekends. It’s been fantastic for Perry too – she gets The Wiggles, Barney, and Elmo when ever she pleases.

Perry sat through a whole movie at home with me this morning and she enjoyed it – maybe those mums and bubs movie dates won’t be too far away, and it’s great I now don’t have to feel awkward rocking up to a disney movie, because I’ll have a child in tow to make it all seem better. Perry is working on her fake crying big time! It’s too funny and so hard to not laugh in her face when I should be telling her off or just ignoring her. She’s all of a sudden taller and heavier. She’s gone down a big slide by herself, without any coaxing. She’s sounding out more words all the time [we had the word ‘train’ today, which was more like ‘rain’]. She can kick and catch a ball and getting better at throwing it. She’s literally pulling me off the couch to play games or go for a walk – she’s strong too!

To keep up with all Perry’s activity I’ve had to give mine a bit of a rev up! Since the motivation to run wasn’t happening, I’ve started playing netball again. I put my name down as a spare player and within that week I was given my first opportunity! I struggled to keep up the whole game but it was just a real good feeling to be doing something again. However my body didn’t quite think so and after that game and a few big walks my hip flexor was giving me a bit of grief and then I went and aggravated it a bit more by playing another game last night.. whoops =/ So we’re in recovery mode after less than a week – I should know better, but because of that I may miss out on another game on Thursday! I’ll be doing warm ups from now I think with my trusty rope!

Anyways, on with the photo challenge:


DAY 169 | 365


dentist, tooth, health, healthy living, oil pulling, coconut oil

So that’s what else.. my tooth broke, and then it broke some more. I visited the dentist for a examination but are not going to go through with anything until I’m at least covered for fillings by health insurance in another 2 months. In the mean time I’m doing a fabulous job of ‘oil pulling’ or swishing this stuff around in my mouth for 15-20mins to help rid of bacteria.


DAY 170 | 365

learning, daughter, counting, wooden toys

She can count one to ten too…. “uhn, uhn, uhn, doo, doo, uhn, uhn, eigh, eigh, eigh”.


DAy 171 | 365

water, nature, rain, family, happy

Haven’t had too many rainy days, despite the first month of winter being over. But when it does rain she loves to go out and try feel the water on her hands.


DAY 172 | 365

daugher, hands, night, contrast, light

I just love it when I walk into her room at night to tuck her in and find one of her little paws hanging out the sides of the cot.


DAY 173 | 365

dance, tutu, girls, black and white, colour pop

Taking the opportunity to have a dance since we were all dressed up anyways.


DAY 174 | 365

daughter, fashion, clothes, black and white, winter

We did have a cold week, and she had a runny nose so to keep her warm I let her borrow my scarf and my beanie. {Peek-a-Boo}.


DAY 175 | 365

lake, perth, ducks, winter, nature

Took an evening walk around the lake to try and chase as many birds as we could.


DAY 176 | 365

stylish, fashion, girls, target

All dressed for bedtime in her new Ladybug PJ’s and stylish sunnys. Coz who doesn’t go to bed with sunglasses on??


DAY 177 | 365

bubbles, children, photography

She LOOOVES bubbles! If you bring them out, you have a hard task putting them away, but I love seeing the joy on her face when she sees them, and then the astonishment when she catches them!


DAY 178 | 365

photography, couples, reflection, reflect,

My photoshoot for my friend celebrating yet another wedding anniversary – this being the first one with her gorgeous 3 month old!


DAY 179 | 365

chair, texture, night run,

This is a foot chair thing I discovered one night on the side of the road. So ran across and collected it. It’s in great condition and will make a perfect replacement as a beanbag or ottoman for newborn photography and is very comfy.


DAY 180 | 365

bedroom, style, classic, black and white,

Finally got a new duvet cover for the bed with some new sheets. Feels so good to add a this classic feel to the room and gives me plenty of options when/if I’m ready to choose a colour.


DAY 181 | 365

Daughter, looking out, fence, black and white, photography, children, peekaboo

She thought she heard Daddy come home so kept looking out for ages wondering where he was. He came home about 10mins later to satisfy her need.


Snap ya Later _[o]_



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