Lastest Twelve.

So I got through the month of struggle and hopefully things are going to look up from here on in. I am very, very slowly learning more about photoshop, but it’s fricken hard! It’s the most confusing piece of software. I may know exactly what I want to achieve but finding all the right tools to use to do so, can take me over an hour on some images! So for the majority, I’m sticking with Lightroom, unless I have something specific I need done. I managed to do a newborn session with a few props the last weekend, and I had a fantastic time, and am really proud of what I produced {despite the editing time}, but I can’t take all the credit, as Koby was an absolute darling of a newborn – just what I need when starting out! She was so little and precious – talk about clucky haha!
I was supposed to be going out tonight with a group of people to try and shoot the milky way.. how ever the weather didn’t want to hold up for us, so we’ve had to put it off until the next weekend.
I think Perry must be going through another developmental phase or something of the like, as she’s been super clingy and attention seeking the last few days, thankfully it hasn’t affected her night sleep, however yesterday she had zero day naps, and I’m hoping that makes for an early nap time today!
Any hope I may have had of getting back into fitness properly, has now vanished. After my third game of netball I twisted my knee. It’s fine now, unless I forget about it and put to much weight on it. Go figure.

Anyway, that’s all from me for now, and here’s what you’re waiting for:


206 | 365

The board.

The Motherboard.


207 | 365

John Oldham Park

John Oldham Park.


208 | 365

Strung up to Twelve.

Strung up to Twelve.


209 | 365

Napping on the couch instead.

Napping on the couch instead.


210 | 365

In the Driver's Seat.

In the Driver’s Seat.


211 | 365

Made with my new Juicer.

Made with my new Juicer.


212 | 365

Give me a spoonful and I'll eat the whole tin. The reason I don't buy it =/

Give me a spoonful and I’ll eat the whole tin. The reason I don’t buy it =/


213 | 365

Morning at the Pools.

Morning at the Pools.


214 | 365

8 Days Old.

8 Days Old.


215 | 365

7 Vignettes, Flat Lay,

Collection – On the Go.


216 | 365

healthy kids, raw eating, juice, healthy living

She loves the juice just as much as me – the actual juicer, not so much!


217 | 365

7 Vignettes, Learning, toddlerhood, abcs

Collection – Learning.


Snap ya Later _[0]_



6 thoughts on “Lastest Twelve.

  1. Love these all, especially day 207 and the newborn one, super cute! Love Perry’s cute little hair in the swimming picture, jealous she has some! Catherine is the same way right now, super cranky, (especially when trying to dress her) and clingy and hasn’t been napping since last weekend, and when she did nap she didn’t sleep until 11! I feel for you, but I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your new born photo, a great piece of work. We never stop learning so great to see your perseverance with your photo editing. ‘Time’ is the one thing we value the most in the creative world and sometimes the hardest thing to get. Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry, I only just saw your comment. Thank you all the same. I kinda getting better at ps now, but theres still some things that I don’t get, but also don’t know how to you tube them either. I’m keeping an eye on one of the creative live courses for photoshop, incase they do a good deal on it though =)

      Liked by 1 person

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