Springing out of August.

I’m so stoked to have finished August. I feel like it was a very productive month photography wise. I’ve learnt a lot, about shooting and editing. I’ve come such a long way since the beginning of the year. I’ve nearly finished creating an official business website, which I’m also very excited about. I’ve been a lot more interactive on instagram (talk about mum life lol) and I won two prizes because of it! I almost feel like I should go out and buy a lotto ticket =P I’ve learnt how to actually stop and think what I like about another image rather than “like” it and move on without really knowing why. Best of all, I think I’ve created my best images yet and it just makes me so happy to see what I can do! Spring is now here and it’s going to motivate me even more, to capture beautiful memories.


DAY 238 | 365

small businesses, daughter, flowers, crown, childhood

Oh my gosh, this child goes nuts over bubbles. Like she has a full on melt down if she even thinks that you’re putting them away!



DAY 239 | 365

daughter, childhood, beach, portrait, kids fashion

She was so excited to take her chair to the beach. I was so excited that my images turned out just as I had imagined, looking oh so adorable in her suspenders!



DAY 240 | 365

flat lay, nature, rocks, spring

I realised today, as odd as the number 3 is, it is my even number. I need three of everything in order to feel like everything is even or matches or whatever the situation may be. 3 biscuits, 3 ornaments, 3 children (still working on the other 2 lol).



DAY 241 | 365

flare, childhood, backlight, photography,

Practicing more with the focus accuracy when shooting with backlight. I don’t think this is my camera’s forte, but thankful I got a few in. I love capturing that flare!



DAY 242 | 365

childhood, toys, dance, candid

She was given this when she was 6 months old. Mr Caterpillar can still turn her frowns upside-down. She enjoyed showing me how they dance.



DAY 243 | 365

childhood, black and white, selfie, in the picture, mother and daughter, emotions

A switch has flicked inside of her at the moment and she’s so scared of loud noises. Including trucks and machinery working next door. Even though they weren’t that loud, the poor thing would have sat inside of me if she could!



DAY 244 | 365

toddlers, fashion

The first day of Spring and the sun played peekaboo with us.



DAY 245 | 365

photography, print, project print, printing

Printed off another 100 photos today. Didn’t buy another album though! Whoops.



DAY 246 | 365

Hugs are what friends are made for and these two are superb at them!

Hugs are what friends are made for and these two are superb at them!



Next up: From the Cutting Room Floor! Can’t wait to share these with you =D


Snap ya Later _[o]_




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