Not a shop-o-holic.

I would not call myself a shop-o-holic. I never have been a fan of shopping for myself, there’s just too many choices and and can never make a decision. I never been able to have a matching wardrobe; nothing ever wears well with anything else. I hate shopping for items, unless a) these items are located in the grocery store or b) I know exactly what i want, what to compare it with if needed and where to find it. Continue reading


It’s a Friday blog post today.

A lot of my readers have been complaining of the cold weather, and no doubt I would be too at minus 40 degrees! However, I am so glad Perth is about to hit Autumn. Continue reading

I’m gonna run the race.

New motivation burst through me over the last couple of days. I will be living my fourth year in Australia come July 31, and that also means it’ll be the fourth opportunity I have to register for the WA City to Surf 12km run. Continue reading

Gotta Love, Love.

Nothing special has really ever happened for us on Valentines Day. I mean in the past maybe we would’ve tried to go to a last minute movie or something, but now that isn’t really possible with Perry around. But I have to say this year was definitely better than last year! Continue reading

Looks Like A Productive Past 3 Days.

Pulled out all the stops today, and got my bake on! Well sort of, not really.. I baked 21 blueberry muffins, 5 of which have already been devoured! As it turned out, I had all the necessary ingredients, which was a rare feat for this household. Continue reading