One of those weeks.

Today I’m in a rut; I’ve been in one all weekend I think. Is it lack of caffeine or am I starting to feel the effects of boredom or do I just need to move my ‘A’ double ‘S’ into gear?! Considering I used to be an absolute gym bunny {I even obtained my personal training certificate quite a few years ago now} and I’ve done absolutely nothing for the last 2 months, I think it’s fair to say this could be part of the cause… Continue reading



I can’t believe we are coming up to the end of the month, and I haven’t faulted yet! Although, I will repeat; I am not enjoying this nearly as much when I’m restricted to just my phone! Going through my photos and I am starting to get a collection of pictures which I admire, but they haven’t made the cut to be the photo of the day for one reason or another, so I have decided at the end of each month I will post a gallery of photos from the cutting room floor. Continue reading

It’s all on the phone

I never knew how frustrating these past and next few days would be without my camera. I was prepared to be without my camera for 2 weeks, but on the condition it was being checked over. The fact that it never got sent away and I was given the refund instantly, put a spanner in the works, Continue reading

My Two Feet

The weekend just been was a fairly lazy weekend, or more the point, a broke weekend! We’re hanging out for payday here, so with this in mind, we didn’t stray far from the home. I was given the chance to sleep in both days after Perry’s morning boob, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get back to sleep! You’d think it’s midday at 6am. Continue reading

12 days in already!

My oh my… this year is already getting away with me and it’s only been 12 days!

I have decided even though we are only going to be in this place for a few more months, that there needs to be much more of a homely feel to it in hopes to increase productivity among us. So over these last few days I’ve been busy on Google searching for ideas and inspiration, printing photos, hanging them up, buying random ornaments and of course shelves that sit high enough so Perry can’t reach anything on them! Continue reading