Signed; Daughter.

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Playing ‘Catch Up’

Well, not really. I mean I’ve still been taking photos every day, just not sharing them as often as I’d like! I’ve been busy just taking photos and getting my laptop up to scratch, installing all required software and learning the Lightroom editing software really. I downloaded Photoshop but even after deleting a bunch off this laptop, it still didn’t function efficiently, luckily Lightroom does, so for now (or the next 26 days left of my trial at least) we will stick with this.

DAY 81 | 365

Lifestyle, City, Perth, night photography, Raw

I got brave and set out with my family to go and meet other photographers for the first time. I couldn’t have done it without Lennon or Perry – they’re the conversation starters, I really struggle meeting big groups of strangers, and it takes me a while to warm up and feel semi comfortable. This is Perth City just after sunset.


DAY 82 | 365

lifestyle, daughter, nature, walks

I was so busy trying to download a ton of software today that I didn’t get much time to get out, so not one of my best shots, but the best one I got on this day. And anyway she’s my daughter, so of course I’m going to love it regardless. She loves these tickly, furry bushes though!


DAY 83 | 365

lifestyle, selfie, daughter, remote control

Played around with the remote control app on my phone this morning. It’s so great! I’ve got no excuse for an out of focus selfie now! I can control the shutterspeed, aperture, ISO and focal point as well as take the picture and view all images from my phone for the camera. Didn’t even need to pay for the app. All i need to is be connected to my wifi network! #WINNING =P


DAY 84 | 365

bugs, insects, nature, macro photography

This moth was huge {meaning I’ve never seen one this big up this close before}, just basking in the sun at midday on the side of the bricks. I got soo close to him i was freaking out a little, and had to use the live view mode on the camera opposed to looking through the viewfinder, just so i could keep that much more distance haha =/


DAY 85 | 365

Canon, camera gear, laptop, learning

I’ve been so glued to my laptop and camera gear lately, trying to learn and take in as much as i possibly can it’s crazy. Probably letting a few things {insert: housework} just slip aside, but i can’t help it! Addicted Much?!


DAY 86 | 365

Daughter, bath, lifestyle, drink

First edit with Lightroom. Maybe a tad on the yellow side? But it’s so hard to tell. Either a macbook pro retina or imac goes on my wish list here! She’s always trying to drink her bath water. Apparently her dirt and bath oil doesn’t taste bad. But really I think it’s just the novelty of drinking out of a cup!


DAY  87 | 365

perth, Landscape, Landmarks, street photography

Went down to Fremantle tonight to see one of the lighthouses and see what sort of images I could get with it. I read the weather forecast, and predicted what the weather might be like when we got there, so now I have a better idea for next time when I read the weather, whether I’ll be able to get a good sunset pic or not. Needless to say, there were no clouds at all, so I didn’t get a picture I was hoping for, nevertheless, I did get a few I liked and this was one of those watching the sunset.


DAY 88 | 365

Lifestyle, learning, daugher, protector

She’s learning to look after her toys. It’s really hard having sand/dirt as a backyard instead of grass. She can’t take anything outside without getting filthy {including herself}. But today we were getting very good at protecting dolly from the dirties, tucked safely under her arm.


Snap ya Later _[o]_

Free Her Up.

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Visiting Hours.

So the intent with this post, was that I would post it at the beginning of the week! I’m seriously slacking off. My energy and motivation levels consistently seem to have some sort of bi polar disorder, and I don’t know what I’m lacking in! Could be some sort of vitamin or mineral, or a combination of both, but there’s like a million out there, it’s impossible to nail it down to one or two! Maybe I’m just short of sleep, or caffeine – now that’s rather contradictory! Oh well, what ever, it may be Friday but here I am, and here you are… Thank you! Continue reading

Not a shop-o-holic.

I would not call myself a shop-o-holic. I never have been a fan of shopping for myself, there’s just too many choices and and can never make a decision. I never been able to have a matching wardrobe; nothing ever wears well with anything else. I hate shopping for items, unless a) these items are located in the grocery store or b) I know exactly what i want, what to compare it with if needed and where to find it. Continue reading