Finishing off September.

Better late than never right! We’ve moved house, we’ve settled in and October is almost over so that post won’t be too far behind. Thanks for sticking by with my posts few and far between, but hey – the year is almost over, and that means this project is too! eeek!

DAY 264 | 365


Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels.


DAY 265 | 365

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Silly Buggers.


DAY 266 | 365


266.tutubricks (1 of 2)

New Tutu & Outfit.


DAY 267 | 365



This is My Idea of Fun.


DAY 268 | 365


268.jellies (1 of 1)

Jelly Baby.


DAY 269 | 365


269.theo&dotbigkids (1 of 1)

Theo & Dot Models.


Day 270 | 365


270.watchingtrains (1 of 1)

Trains Spotting.


DAY 271 | 365


271.jumpsuit (1 of 1)

Hitting the Mall.


DAY 272 | 365


272.logan (1 of 1)

Let the Kids.


DAY 273 | 365



Have a break.


Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll post all of Octobers photos over the weekend so please keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy!


Snap Ya Later _[o]_


Springing out of August.

I’m so stoked to have finished August. I feel like it was a very productive month photography wise. I’ve learnt a lot, about shooting and editing. I’ve come such a long way since the beginning of the year. I’ve nearly finished creating an official business website, which I’m also very excited about. I’ve been a lot more interactive on instagram (talk about mum life lol) and I won two prizes because of it! I almost feel like I should go out and buy a lotto ticket =P I’ve learnt how to actually stop and think¬†what I like about another image rather than “like” it and move on without really knowing why. Best of all, I think I’ve created my best images yet and it just makes me so happy to see what I can do! Spring is now here and it’s going to motivate me even more, to capture beautiful memories. Continue reading