Remember remember November

11 months down!! Thank goodness, because to be honest I’m pretty over this now, especially at this time of year. I’m grateful for how much I’ve learnt and how much confidence I’ve gained with my camera skills and self belief through completing this project, but it’s so time consuming. I’m sure it’s going to take me all of next year to sort through all of the other photos that got taken along the way – i’m honestly dreading it!
My lovely Mum flew in from NZ for a long awaited visit this month. It was a beautiful time with non-stop activities to be done and like clockwork, the time comes to an end to quickly, so you can bet my thoughts are on our next trip home again now! This is also our first year in Perth that we’ve had a Christmas tree! It even got put up before my birthday (which i got to joyfully spend at the Wiggles concert, watching lil Perr in awe!) that was nearer the end of the month, which is something I used to always say could not happen. Presents are being collected and our tree is looking quite merry as the days tick by. Christmas is going to be so much more fun this year with a lil toddler to entertain and I can’t wait, all I need yet is some traditional Christmas music and I’m good to go.


DAY 305 | 365

305.LesmurdieFalls (1 of 1)


DAY 306 | 365

306.trapped (1 of 1)


DAY 307 | 365

307.doorknobs (1 of 1)


DAY 308 | 365

308.bedjumping (1 of 1)


DAY 309 | 365



DAY 310 | 365



DAY 311 | 365

311.topofDNAtower (1 of 1)


DAY 312 | 365

312.BellTowerLookout (1 of 1)


DAY 313 | 365

313.wateringdadslettuce (1 of 1)


DAY 314 | 365

314.aircon (1 of 1)


DAY 315 | 365

315.railwaytunnel (1 of 1)


DAY 316 | 365



DAY 317 | 365



DAY 318 | 365



DAY 319 | 365



DAY 320 | 365



DAY 321 | 365



DAY 322 | 365



DAY 323 | 365

323.Crackers&Hommus (1 of 1)


DAY 324 | 365



DAY 325 | 365



DAY 326 | 365

326.christmascardshoot (1 of 1)


DAY 327 | 365

327.perrysdoor (1 of 1)


DAY 328 | 365

328.waterplay (1 of 1)


DAY 329 | 365


329.prettyinpaint (1 of 1)


DAY 330 | 365

330. plastic bag (1 of 1)


DAY 331 | 365

331.colouringcomp (1 of 1)


DAY 332 | 365

332.fairylightshung (1 of 1)


DAY 333 | 365

333.gotmilktake2 (1 of 1)


DAY 334 | 365

334.queenofflowers (1 of 1)


And then there’s only 31 days left of photos to share with you! Pretty excited about that really. Although I’m going to be honest with you now, it’s December, work is finishing, family and friends are more important, mini road trips are being planned and christmas is just around the corner, so I may not technically be taking a photo every single day this coming month, but I’m happy with that. I’ve taken a thousand and one extra photos through out the year to surely make up for it =D

Catch ya at the end
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Finishing off September.

Better late than never right! We’ve moved house, we’ve settled in and October is almost over so that post won’t be too far behind. Thanks for sticking by with my posts few and far between, but hey – the year is almost over, and that means this project is too! eeek!

DAY 264 | 365


Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels.


DAY 265 | 365

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Silly Buggers.


DAY 266 | 365


266.tutubricks (1 of 2)

New Tutu & Outfit.


DAY 267 | 365



This is My Idea of Fun.


DAY 268 | 365


268.jellies (1 of 1)

Jelly Baby.


DAY 269 | 365


269.theo&dotbigkids (1 of 1)

Theo & Dot Models.


Day 270 | 365


270.watchingtrains (1 of 1)

Trains Spotting.


DAY 271 | 365


271.jumpsuit (1 of 1)

Hitting the Mall.


DAY 272 | 365


272.logan (1 of 1)

Let the Kids.


DAY 273 | 365



Have a break.


Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll post all of Octobers photos over the weekend so please keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy!


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How do you finish your photos?

Gosh it feels like it’s been another long stint since I wrote! I went to check what image I was up to posting for you, and it turns out it’s actually only been one week – not two or three this time! I’ve been getting so busy on my camera that it feels like it’s been a lot longer than what it actually has. I’ve been taking a lot of photos and doing a lot of editing, so come August 31st there will be a huge amount of photos lined up to share with you, and I’m so excited. Continue reading

Not Giving Up Yet!

So I know, it’s nearly the end of July and I haven’t even posted any of my photos for this month! Talk about slack. Talk about unorganised. Talk about struggling. Totally not in the photo a day mindset this month. I’ve still managed to take a photo each day Continue reading

From the Cutting Room Floor. 6|12

With every click of the shutter button, there’s bound to always be more than just one favourite. Some nights, it makes my decision very hard when choosing what one to portray for my 365 photography project. Here, under this category, at the end of each month, I’ll be posting a few of my favourites that missed out on their chance in the limelight!



And I’m officially half way through the year! I had fun this month and hoping I can find the same get up and go this month as it’s currently lacking and has yet to be found =/


Daughter, Winter, Black and White

My Child’s Warmth.

Selfie, Black and White, Winter, Beanie

Selfie for the Month.

Panning, Street Photography, black and white

Heading Home.

Flowers, Autumn, Change of Season

Bloom till the End.

Daughter, Bath, Everyday, Bubbles, Play, fun

Bubbles of Excitement

Portrait, Weeds, feather, Perth

A Portrait.

Daughter, Black and white

Is Daddy Home?

Daughter, Black and white,

See through the cracks.

Apple, Technology, Depth of field.

Garage Band.

Apple, Technology, Depth of Field


Daughter, Morning, Teddy, Natural Light

Morning Schnuggles.

Daughter, Black and White, Fashion, Winter

Winter Moments

Daughter, Black and White, fashion, portrait, winter

In the Stairway

Portrait, Happy, Children, Free Spirit


Park, Flare, father and daughter, childhood

Over the Bridge.

father and daughter, Portrait, family

Father and Daughter

Swing, park, daughter, everyday, moments

Swing Free.

Daughter, Park, mirror

Mirror, Mirror.

Nature, Rain, Winter, Autumn, Raindrops, Leaf


Clarity, HDR, Still Life

Rickety Door.

Sleeping, Black and White, High ISO, Shadows, Light

At Night.

Fashion, Before Bed, Daughter, Rock, Milk, Dairy Free

Milk Up.

Nature, Birds, Swan, Cygnet, Soft

Mother & Child.

Daughter, Fashion, black and white, winter, beanie, pose

The Beanie.

Family, coffee, Sunday morning, natural light, golden glow

Waiting in Line.



Snap ya Later _[o]_

A is for Art.

Argh Sheesh! Regular posting just doesn’t seem to be my thing at the moment as much as I just want to be able to! Perry’s sleeps have dwindled their way down to one hour – if that – a day. I’m hoping that’s just a phase, as it barely leaves my time to edit my photos let alone much else. Today she wasn’t even letting me sit next to the computer and kept pulling me away – so what? so I could watch her eat her apple! Yes, that’s right, to watch her eat **shakes head*. Continue reading