From the Cutting Room Floor. 6|12

With every click of the shutter button, there’s bound to always be more than just one favourite. Some nights, it makes my decision very hard when choosing what one to portray for my 365 photography project. Here, under this category, at the end of each month, I’ll be posting a few of my favourites that missed out on their chance in the limelight!



And I’m officially half way through the year! I had fun this month and hoping I can find the same get up and go this month as it’s currently lacking and has yet to be found =/


Daughter, Winter, Black and White

My Child’s Warmth.

Selfie, Black and White, Winter, Beanie

Selfie for the Month.

Panning, Street Photography, black and white

Heading Home.

Flowers, Autumn, Change of Season

Bloom till the End.

Daughter, Bath, Everyday, Bubbles, Play, fun

Bubbles of Excitement

Portrait, Weeds, feather, Perth

A Portrait.

Daughter, Black and white

Is Daddy Home?

Daughter, Black and white,

See through the cracks.

Apple, Technology, Depth of field.

Garage Band.

Apple, Technology, Depth of Field


Daughter, Morning, Teddy, Natural Light

Morning Schnuggles.

Daughter, Black and White, Fashion, Winter

Winter Moments

Daughter, Black and White, fashion, portrait, winter

In the Stairway

Portrait, Happy, Children, Free Spirit


Park, Flare, father and daughter, childhood

Over the Bridge.

father and daughter, Portrait, family

Father and Daughter

Swing, park, daughter, everyday, moments

Swing Free.

Daughter, Park, mirror

Mirror, Mirror.

Nature, Rain, Winter, Autumn, Raindrops, Leaf


Clarity, HDR, Still Life

Rickety Door.

Sleeping, Black and White, High ISO, Shadows, Light

At Night.

Fashion, Before Bed, Daughter, Rock, Milk, Dairy Free

Milk Up.

Nature, Birds, Swan, Cygnet, Soft

Mother & Child.

Daughter, Fashion, black and white, winter, beanie, pose

The Beanie.

Family, coffee, Sunday morning, natural light, golden glow

Waiting in Line.



Snap ya Later _[o]_


Gotta Be In It To Win It.

At our rent inspection the other day, the property manager suggested I should begin taking photos of houses for rent or sale and sell off those photos. She had a very good point, about it being a relatively easy job, and one where I could take Perry with me. It did sound like a good idea at the time, however, after a quick look online at a few good photos I realised I’m probably not equipped enough with the gear I have – I think the biggest thing being I would need a flash and I would need the knowledge of how to use a flash! BUT this did make me think how far I’ve come since my first snap and that it’s about time I start entering a few competitions and see how we go – after all you’ve gotta be in it to win it, right?! So there will probably be a few facebook posts coming up where I’d love it if you could help me out and send a vote my way =)

DAY 97 | 365

nature, season, winter, autumn, flowers, weeds

Weeds – The days are cooling off quite nicely at the moment, we’ve even had rain most days this week. The beginnings of Winter are starting to show. Winter for us means more blankets to schnuggle in to at night, more cuddles in the morning before stepping out into the cold, and sleeping sweat free in silence {no noise of the loud fan overhead}.

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