Finishing off September.

Better late than never right! We’ve moved house, we’ve settled in and October is almost over so that post won’t be too far behind. Thanks for sticking by with my posts few and far between, but hey – the year is almost over, and that means this project is too! eeek!

DAY 264 | 365


Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels.


DAY 265 | 365

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Silly Buggers.


DAY 266 | 365


266.tutubricks (1 of 2)

New Tutu & Outfit.


DAY 267 | 365



This is My Idea of Fun.


DAY 268 | 365


268.jellies (1 of 1)

Jelly Baby.


DAY 269 | 365


269.theo&dotbigkids (1 of 1)

Theo & Dot Models.


Day 270 | 365


270.watchingtrains (1 of 1)

Trains Spotting.


DAY 271 | 365


271.jumpsuit (1 of 1)

Hitting the Mall.


DAY 272 | 365


272.logan (1 of 1)

Let the Kids.


DAY 273 | 365



Have a break.


Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll post all of Octobers photos over the weekend so please keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy!


Snap Ya Later _[o]_


A is for Art.

Argh Sheesh! Regular posting just doesn’t seem to be my thing at the moment as much as I just want to be able to! Perry’s sleeps have dwindled their way down to one hour – if that – a day. I’m hoping that’s just a phase, as it barely leaves my time to edit my photos let alone much else. Today she wasn’t even letting me sit next to the computer and kept pulling me away – so what? so I could watch her eat her apple! Yes, that’s right, to watch her eat **shakes head*. Continue reading

My Two Feet

The weekend just been was a fairly lazy weekend, or more the point, a broke weekend! We’re hanging out for payday here, so with this in mind, we didn’t stray far from the home. I was given the chance to sleep in both days after Perry’s morning boob, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get back to sleep! You’d think it’s midday at 6am. Continue reading