365 of 365!!

Wow I totally took umpteen thousands of photo during 2015! I now have a major task ahead of me sorting through them all and putting them on hard drive and sorting through ones that are yet to be printed! It was a great learning curve and I thank you for everyone that followed and supported me along the way. This month was exciting for me also as not only did I invest in the Tamron 90m 2.8 macro lens, I was persuasive in my camera upgrade for Christmas and so now own the full framed 6D 😀  I am really pleased now with all the memories I have to look back on, and because of this, maybe half way through the year at least I’ll be starting another project. Project52 will be purely as a reminder for me, so that it’s not forgotten, to capture my daughters childhood. So please check back later in the year to see how i’m coming along with those plans! Now for the final 31 photos of the year 2015 :


DAY 335 | 365

335.IKEAtoyshelf (1 of 1)


DAY 336 | 365

336.table&chairs (1 of 1)


DAY 337 | 365

337.nat. (1 of 1)


DAY 338 | 365

338.2yearOld (1 of 1)


DAY 339 | 365

339.Jo Totes (1 of 1)


DAY 340 | 365

340.partyprincess (1 of 1)


DAY 341 | 365

341.happytoddler (1 of 1)


DAY 342 | 365

342.lavender macro


DAY 343 | 365

343.happydad (1 of 1)


DAY 344 | 365

344.slater macro


DAY 345 | 365

345.kiri .. and son (1 of 1)


DAY 346 | 365

346.guitarfingers (1 of 1)


DAY 347 | 365

347.mushroom (1 of 1)


DAY 348 | 365

348.birdnest (1 of 1)


DAY 349 | 365

349.sprouting (1 of 1)


DAY 350 | 365

350.mum&daughterdecember (1 of 1)


DAY 351 | 365

351.macrobee (1 of 1)


DAY 352 | 365

352.dance (1 of 1)


DAY 353 | 365

353.egg (1 of 1)


DAY 354 | 365

354.perry (1 of 1)


DAY 355 | 365

355.6d (1 of 1)


DAY 356 | 365

356.stainedglass (1 of 1)


DAY 357 | 365

357.cheekygrin (1 of 1)


DAY 358 | 365

358.gingerbread house (1 of 1)


DAY 359 | 365

359.christmasmorning (1 of 1)


DAY 360 | 365

360.boxingday (1 of 1)


DAY 361 | 365

361.shell (1 of 1)


DAY 362 | 365

362.sleep (1 of 1)


DAY 363 | 365

363.familyfun (1 of 1)


DAY 364 | 365

364.busselton (1 of 1)


DAY 365 | 365

365.hny (1 of 1)



& That’s totally a wrap folks! Until the next project…


Snap ya Later _[0]_



Don’t forget your Days.

The sun has been out 😀  😀  That totally made my weekend. I think we got to 26/27degrees on the Saturday, BLISS! We’ve been making the most of the sunshine, because at any minute it can still rain before your eyes – and all down the huge load of hanging washing that you’ve just accomplished! Continue reading

Lastest Twelve.

So I got through the month of struggle and hopefully things are going to look up from here on in. I am very, very slowly learning more about photoshop, but it’s fricken hard! It’s the most confusing piece of software. I may know exactly what I want to achieve but finding all the right tools to use to do so, can take me over an hour on some images! So for the majority, I’m sticking with Lightroom, unless I have something specific I need done.  Continue reading

From the Cutting Room Floor. 6|12

With every click of the shutter button, there’s bound to always be more than just one favourite. Some nights, it makes my decision very hard when choosing what one to portray for my 365 photography project. Here, under this category, at the end of each month, I’ll be posting a few of my favourites that missed out on their chance in the limelight!



And I’m officially half way through the year! I had fun this month and hoping I can find the same get up and go this month as it’s currently lacking and has yet to be found =/


Daughter, Winter, Black and White

My Child’s Warmth.

Selfie, Black and White, Winter, Beanie

Selfie for the Month.

Panning, Street Photography, black and white

Heading Home.

Flowers, Autumn, Change of Season

Bloom till the End.

Daughter, Bath, Everyday, Bubbles, Play, fun

Bubbles of Excitement

Portrait, Weeds, feather, Perth

A Portrait.

Daughter, Black and white

Is Daddy Home?

Daughter, Black and white,

See through the cracks.

Apple, Technology, Depth of field.

Garage Band.

Apple, Technology, Depth of Field


Daughter, Morning, Teddy, Natural Light

Morning Schnuggles.

Daughter, Black and White, Fashion, Winter

Winter Moments

Daughter, Black and White, fashion, portrait, winter

In the Stairway

Portrait, Happy, Children, Free Spirit


Park, Flare, father and daughter, childhood

Over the Bridge.

father and daughter, Portrait, family

Father and Daughter

Swing, park, daughter, everyday, moments

Swing Free.

Daughter, Park, mirror

Mirror, Mirror.

Nature, Rain, Winter, Autumn, Raindrops, Leaf


Clarity, HDR, Still Life

Rickety Door.

Sleeping, Black and White, High ISO, Shadows, Light

At Night.

Fashion, Before Bed, Daughter, Rock, Milk, Dairy Free

Milk Up.

Nature, Birds, Swan, Cygnet, Soft

Mother & Child.

Daughter, Fashion, black and white, winter, beanie, pose

The Beanie.

Family, coffee, Sunday morning, natural light, golden glow

Waiting in Line.



Snap ya Later _[o]_

A bit of Everything [13 Images]

Over the last 13 days we’ve literally had our noses deep in online photography workshops and Netflix, but I have managed to get off my arse too! Continue reading

Been Offline Again.

Really need to up our internet data as we ran out again. I can’t remember why I choose the wifi connection over a land-line, but it’s starting to not do the trick so well, since this is almost the 3rd time in a row that we’ve used it all up. But lucky for you it makes viewing my project more enjoyable as you get to view a big bunch of images in one go instead of just 3 or 4. [17 images] Continue reading

From the Cutting Room Floor. 4|12

With every click of the shutter button, there’s bound to always be more than just one favourite. Some nights, it makes my decision very hard when choosing what one to portray for my 365 photography project. Here, under this category, at the end of each month, I’ll be posting a few of my favourites that missed out on their chance in the limelight!


A couple of real goodies in this bunch. I marked my top four with an asterisk, clicking on them will enlarge them a bit more. In no particular order, April’s photos:


dog, pet photography


Newborn photography, lifestyle

Baby Theo.

newborn photography


newborn photography

Features, in black and white.

bird bath


Lifestyle, leaves, season, autumn,

A Walk Through the Park.

Burns beach, nature, sunset, photography, long exposure

After the Sun.

nature, sunset, water, long exposure, photography

Don’t Rush.

sunset, nature, sky, photography, bright, lifestyle

The Bigger Picture.*

daughter, lifestyle, flower

Summer Smiles.

lifestyle, daughter, black and white

It’s a Hard Life.

Lifestyle, black and white, love, mother and son, newborn photography

Motherly Love.*

children, lifestyle, beach, photography

Embracing the Waters Edge.*

Gnomesville, Perth, Australia, photography, light

Gnomin’ It at Snails Pace.*

Daughter, Lifestyle, Brunch, Family

The Entertainer.

Beach, Ocean, Landmarks, Ships

Looking Out.

Places to go, Australia, bar, beach

Looking Up.

Sunset, nature, beach, light, starburst, jetty

Golden Hour

Black and white, Lifestlye snaps, luggage, travel, home

Travel On.

Pineapple, Food photography, smells of summer.

Golden Shadows.


Snap ya Later _[o]_